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Replaced faulty ccm and..

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My remote central locking doesn't work now, is this normal?

The part numbers are identical... Can this be coded with vag-com again? Or what do you think is wrong?

Also worth mentioning the change in CCM hasn't fixed my problem, the boot lock was got brand new from the stealers about 4 months ago, no leaky washers, no signs of corrosion, but the boot light / warning on dash has a mind of its own, as is now, the boot light comes on, but no response in the dash lights...
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Everything apart from the remote locking is plug and play,the rest has to be programmed either by a main dealer or someone with VAG-COM.

Check the condition of the wiring through here,it's known to give similar problems....

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Many thanks chris, appreciate it, since I've time over the hols, will get a proper look in that area for damages to wiring etc.

I'm also working on getting someone to code up the central locking, cheers!
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