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Remote Central locking failure with keyless drivers door!!!!!!!

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Remote Central locking failure with keyless drivers door!!!!!!!

I have a problem with my Golf mk4 51 plate 5 door central locking system......

I have recently lost communication between the car and the 2 remote locking keys.

The car will lock and unlock via the internal central locking buttons, but will not lock from the outside!!!!!!

To add to the problem, the drivers door has keyless entry fitted to it from a previous owner, meaning I cannot lock it from the outside, so have an issue where I have to leave the drivers door unlocked.

The alarm and immobiliser are not getting turned on due to the drivers door being unlocked.

I had replaced the batteries in both remotes I have, prior to the malfunction, and they worked fine, and the LED is still flashing in both when pressed, so not a flat battery or uninterrupted signal due to battery swap.

Anyone any ideas what the problem could be, and how I could resolve it, other than going to the stealer dealers?

Tried the key re-programming thing of one key in ignition, ignition turned on, car doors locked, then other remote pressed for lock once, then again, for programming, etc, but to no success, due to no drivers external doorlock.

Would appreciate any assistance possible thanks.


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