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Red V5C this new?

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my friend bought a car last night...turns out he got a red V5C doc with it, instead of the usual blue/green. whats more, across the front it said "this is NOT a registration certificate, only proof to show who is responsible for tax and mot of the vehicle"

also, he did a my text check, which came back clear, it said the vehicle had two previous owners, however, this V5C only says its had 1 previous owner.

the car came from trade, is this the reason? the second owner was techincally the garage?

thanks for your help
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I got one of the new ones when I bought my Subaru.

Scared the crap out of me at first because of the warning on the front. I had to look it up aswell.
thank you for that...why could i not find that?! [:$]

doesnt explain the discrepancy between the my text check and the V5 the second owner potentially the garage!

By the way, DO NOT use Royle Ascot motors....treated us like total c**p. went to look at a golf there, i noticed a few things wrong with it, including the under tray dropping off...we asked for a test drive, he went inside to "ask his boss" came back out and said "we have just sold it over the phone"

its still on autotrader. Douche bag
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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