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Recommend a seat (cloth) cleaner

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My seats are looking quite dirty and shabby and are in need of a good clean. In places there is deep dirt and marks and stains. The seats are not the best colour, grey/beige, as they show the dirt and stains alot.

I have used a foam cleaner in the past by Carplan and was not impressed and didnt make much difference at all.

Can anybody recommend me of a cleaner that will give my seats a new lease of live and look like new.

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Autoglym Interior Shampoo.

Spray Bottle

Spray On, Rub in with damp microfibre, Wring out, Repeat.


As said above but i use DAISY multi purpose cleaner from tesco, stardrops which is from most places and 1001 carpet and interior shampoo from most places but cheapest from home bargains/quality save. You should dilute as needed(with luke warm water) or use neat for tought stains and leave for a few minutes on the worst stains. Wipe with a micro fibre cloth and then hoover the seats thoroughly. You should hoover the seats first also so you can see the full cleanliness of them. Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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