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I may be a computer engineer, but I know pretty much nothing about MP3 players. I know what the specs mean etc etc but know nothing when it comes to buying the best overall package. So any of you MP3 player buffs, please feel free to pass on your information!

It has to have:
- At least 20gb Space
- Easy to view screen
- Easy to use buttons

Basically, this is going to be used for the car. I have a JVC MP3 headunit at the moment, but my glovebox is literally filled with CD's with MP3 albums on them and I'm getting sick of it!

So, it needs to be able to be mounted also in the car, and can be hooked up easily using the aux-in port I have on the front of my head unit with ease. Ideally, it needs to have a custom made holder and excellent battery life.

Not too much then!? If anyone has any suggestions, please do put them forward, and pics f yours in your cars would also be lovely if any of you have got them.


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No I haven't, the trouble with taking CD's is that CD's hold 700mb, an MP3 player up to about 60gb I think at the mo, so would be nice to have all my MP3 albums on one device instead of CD's everywhere!

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Im the boring kinda person that researches everything for about 6 months before I take the plunge and I decided that an iPod photo connected using the Dension kit was the way to go and have never looked back.

I honestly can't express in words how good it is in terms of ease of use/fitting, quality of sound etc

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What about this.

Posted Image

Just ?420 not bad considering its spec as below..

Detailed description

JVC's KD-AVX1 - in-dash DVD receiver with a 3" LCD monitor built right into its motorized, fold-down faceplate.

Like most DVD receivers, JVC's KD-AVX1 plays your DVDs, standard CDs,
MP3s, and WMAs. But here's the best part: Giga MP3 technology lets you
load up to 100 hours of your favorite MP3s or WMAs on a single
recordable DVD, and the KD-AVX1 will play them.

Strong built-in power works with 24-bit digital-to-audio converters to
deliver powerful, dynamic playback. Then the 7-band Intelli-EQ takes
over, giving you the power to sculpt the sound to fit your vehicle's
acoustics just the way you like it to.

The audio/video input lets connect another source, such as game
console. An audio/video output sends a signal to an external monitor
and set of wireless headphones. Dual-zone capability means that the
folks in back can enjoy a movie.

Add a JVC SIRIUS tuner, antenna, and subscription for the endless
variety of satellite radio. And three sets of 5-volt preamp outputs
send a clean signal to any external amplifiers. A wireless remote is
also included for convenient operation...

3-inch TFT Monitor with Versatile Display Capability

It?s a JVC innovation in head unit design. The KD-AVX1 is the world?s
first 1-DIN DVD receiver to integrate a face panel and colour TFT
monitor in a single unit. The versatile monitor serves an array of

DVD/TV: The monitor shows DVD movies with high-resolution pictures to entertain passengers. TV programmes can also be displayed.

JPEG Pictures: You can view digital still photos in JPEG format, such
as pictures from your digital camera. Burn the data on CD-R/RW, load it
onto the unit, and let passengers view the shots as stills or in
slideshow format.

Setup/Control: The monitor also serves as the navigation screen for
setting up parameters ? EQ balance, fader, etc ? or for controlling the
unit. The superior visibility of GUI (Graphical User Interface) and
text ensures easy, intuitive operation. Searching through folders and
tracks with the GIGA MP3 function is also a breeze.

Dual-Zone Function: The unit features Dual Zone Function, which allows
rear-seat passengers to enjoy DVD movies even while you listen to your
favourite radio programme up front.

Rear View: The monitor can also serve as your reversing monitor in
conjunction with an optional rear-view camera. The Camera Reverse
Function presents a mirror image of rear view.

Digital 7-Band iEQ: Boost or cut the level by up to 10dB on each of
seven bandwidths (60, 150, 400, 1k, 2.4k, 6k, and 12kHz). Even
customise the overall response with the 7-band iEQ, which offers three
user- and nine factory-preset patterns (POP, HARDROCK, JAZZ, DANCE

GIGA MP3: Your Single-Disc Music Archive The GIGA MP3 function enables
playback of MP3/WMA music files burned on DVD instead of CD. This means
just one or two discs can be enough to store all the albums on your
shelf. Why? Because the capacity of a DVD disc is much larger than that
of a typical CD. The 4.7GB medium permits around 100 hours of
recording, letting you store up to 1,000 songs on a single disc ? equal
to 100 pre-recorded CDs. GIGA MP3 ensures easy onboard access to all
the songs you have ? with virtually no disc changes or no connection to
external devices.

JVC KD-AVX1 Key Features:

3" TFT LCD monitor built into the motorized, fold-down faceplate

DVD/CD receiver with built-in amplifer (20 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)

On-screen display of JPEG images

JVC KD-AVX1 plays DVDs, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Video CDs, MP3/WMA discs

JVC System control via front-panel control keys and menu system

Giga MP3 capability (up to 100 hours of MP3/WMA burned onto a single recordable DVD)

7-band iEQ

SIRIUS Satellite Radio-ready

CD changer controls

Audio/video input and output

Dual-zone mode

5-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs

Wireless remote

DVD frequency response: 16-22,000 Hz

FM sensitivity: 11.3 dBf

DVD signal-to-noise ratio: 95 dB



24 Station Pre-set:

Face Off:

4 Chnl Amp built-in:

Treble control:

Bass Control:

Fader Control:

Balance Control:

3 Band Radio:

Random play:

Intro Play:

Scan play:

Cdr/Cdrw compatable:

Repeat play:

Rca Pre-out:

Telephone Mute:

CD Changer control:

If you want to purchase it heres the site..


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I had a loan of the Sony MP3 player about 3 months back and used it toe-to-toe with my mates iPod - Needless to say that the in-car connectivity never even came into the decision - After about 2 hours, it was clear that the iPod left the Sony one for dead in every area. Sound was close, but it was still the Apple that was on top.

I thought the iPod was all hype and fashion, but it really is the best of the best.

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I love my Iriver 120.

20gb (can get a 40gb)

Plays ogg, wma, mp3 and wav.

Can record mp3 via a line in.

Comes with a remote.

Works like an external hardrive (no need to install any overbloated software).

Superior sound quality over the ipod (according to several reviews)

Has know been superceded by the 320 (colour screen) but if you can find one on ebay will be an absolute bargain.

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Nope because I want to get away from having discs around, just want something neat. I do have a PDA at the moment, so could use SD cards, but really want the proper thing if I'm going to do it.
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