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Essex escy, heres the part number for the skoda/a4 rear wiper,a nd it is a perfect fit, the cap dosnt touch the glass, and the arm is the correct length, so that if in the future you want to add a roof spoiler, it wont catch it when clearing the rear screen:

Audi parts:

Wiper blade 8E9955425C

Wiper arm 8E9955407C

Skoda parts:

Wiper arm 6Y6955707

Trim (washer nozzle cover) 6Y6955435

The parts worked out at around ?45!!!!!!, to fit them, just dismantle the a4 arm from the base, and do the same for the skoda one, then clicp the a4 arm in to the skoda base , it will go straight in, just trim the little notch on the a4 arm where it meets the skoda base, youll see what i mean when you try to snap the two pieces together, then thats is!!!!!, if you have any problems , i can meet you to help you fix it.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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