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Rear wash-wipe problem related question

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Hi guys

My car has suffered the dreaded fallen off hose or whatever it is and has kindly peed itself all over the c pillar, rear light cluster and cubby hole. I dont have much time at the moment and before I can tear all that trim off and fix it I'm going to have to keep using the front washers - my question is is this OK? Or will using the front ones force a trickle or anything out of the back one?

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No it shouldn't make any come out of the rear washer.

Put a kink in the washer pipe to the rear jet near to the pump and put a cable tie on it to stop the fluid going to the back just in case [y]
Thanks guys - as it happens it's going to a VW specialist on Weds for a new boot lock (water got in there before at some point in its life) and a diagnostic, and they've offered to do this saying "we know exactly where to cable-tie it" heh. So, we'll see what happens.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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