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rear brakes wont ft

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hi,got new rear disc and pads for my 1.8t,got the old ones off and got the new disc back on and then screwed the pistion bk in for ages,just kept going but seems like it was right in,put the pads in and cant get the capiler back on,any help
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You need a wind back tool to push and turn at the same time. It can be done with bruteforce and turning at the same time but wind back tool is so much easier.
does any one fancy doing it,fitting the brakes and the bottom arms on the front,will be payed
The windback tool is less than £20. Halfords sell it, but I just checked and they want £33 for it. Bunch of thieves.

Anyway, look here.
it is fairly easy {if you have the tools} you say you skrewed the pistion in? so im assuming you have a suitable pin tool? if i remember correctly that piston can be pushed/skrewed in so its prety much flush with the caliper, bearing in mind if your brake fluid level has been topped up,you may have to remove some fluid when the pistons get pushed back,how much doesnt it fit by? cant you just skrew the piston in more? if not are the disc's roughly the same thickness? allowing for wear on your old ones.
brakes all done now,got a leaky capiler now
probably the alu washers have corroded due to the salty roads, common in golfs
its from where the bolt goes thro that the pipe goes on
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