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Rear Brakes Help!!

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i've currently got 256mm rear vented brakes on my 99 1.8t golf, they were originally from an anniversary. Recently i've developed an all mighty squeek, it turns out one of the rear calipers has seized!

After searching through the forums etc, i've found the part numbers for both the caliper carriers (apporx £90 from stealers) and the piston thingy (approx £140 from stealers), my mechanic mate reckons that both rear calipers are on the way out and could do with being replaced. My question is can i simply replace the piston thingy with one from a TT, V5, S3, Cupra, R32, VRS etc and not replace the caliper carriers, or do i need to replace both piston and carriers in addition to fitting the spaces and longer bolts required if i source the parts from a 4wd car (S3, R32 etc) which are more readlily available.

Any advice, reccomendations, part numbers would be much appreciated, as you can imagine i would like to get this sooner rather than later with the current weather


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i dont see why you would need to replace the carriers, they are just a metal bracket. The calipers from other models should fit and you would just replace the whole caliper if it was second hand and shouldnt cost too much
I wasn't sure if the carriers had to match the piston?
In my 'how to' I posted some prices and the Ebay supplier for a complete FWD rear 256mm setup.

Carriers as said are the same.

Great write up! think i'll have a go at fitting them with that.

I've to locate a set of calipers and carries of a 4WD can anyone post me the dims/info on the spacers required and longer bolts etc.
I've found out i need 6mm spaces, can anyone tell me any information on the bolts i need.

I know you can buy them as part of a kit with the spacers but i'm a fabricator by trade so i should be able to get them through work, any information would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance
when my caliper seized i took some very fine emery paper to the shaft that allows the caliper to "float". cleaned this up, just enough to remopve the rust that was making it that little buit too wide. nipped down to gsf and got the two little rubbs boots (theyd split allowing water to get in and causing the rust) filled them with Lithium high melting point grease and put it all back together. 4000miles no complaints at all and the squeaking stopped straight away.

just a cheaper option and quick fix you might want to try...

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