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RCD300 has a mind of its own!

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Last few weeks I've been coming back to my car to find the radio turned itself on when the cars been left alone. Sometimes it could be 10 mins after I've left the car, other times it can be days apart. Normally I'm in the car once a day so its a pain, but not so much of an issue. Being Xmas, it hasn't been used in a few days. Yesterday te battery was dead. Jumped it and the battery seems to have charged and is running OK.

I've read that sometimes the CD sensor starts to play up, and leaving a CD in solves the problem, but hasn't made a difference for me. Last week it had a CD in and refused to play or eject it, but worked fine the next day.

Local VW dealer wants £45 to diagnose the radio, and if its faulty, whatever that costs on top. Can get the Radio for £90 on the internet.

Any opinions/ideas?
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Get shot of it.

Don't buy one on the net unless you can vouch for its condition. Its probably being sold due to the same symptoms as yours.....
The ones on the net are here:

Looks legit, and comes with a 3 month warranty.
Fair enough mate [Y]

Its just not viable to pay vw to diagnose whats up with yours when you can pick them up so cheaply.
exactly same problem on my 2.0 gt fst was driving me insane mine was causing all sorts of engine management problems as drain on battery was giving undervoltage errors all over. i just removed it and sweet joyful silence.

i just bought an after market unit. ipod and everything its probs better to replace that way.
Yeah, mines a 2.0 GT FSI too. Out of interest, what did you replace it with? Ive been looking round, but they never seem to look right. And also, does it effect the GALA? thats a feature I really don't want to loose.
i have a RCD300 i have just removed from my car due to upgrading to a full touchscreen from apollo13 above.

could sort you it out cheap. pm me if its any use to you
i havent fitted it yet but i got a double din jvc unit so it will fit the gap. i also bought a connects 2 canbus connector so that it can retain ignition on and lights illumination.


Yeah had my FSI GT about 18 months electrical problems galore but when its working you realise why people go for golfs.
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