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Quote: posted by rob.gti on 20/01/2005 17:15:07

Quote: posted by Doc on 20/01/2005 17:03:45

Quote: posted by marriedblonde on 20/01/2005 16:05:14

?19K for a 2 year old golf with 27K isn't exactley a bargain is it though?

Precisely my thoughts....hardly think its a price drop, that looks more like holding steady[;)]

With Leather/alcantara etc, that car would have been ?21000 just before xmas IMO.

Demand for the R32 is not as high as it was either. VW bought my R32 back of mee back in September, it only sold last week! ? months on the forecourt would say Demand isnt there.

However, Demand for the New GTI is extremely high, with Delivery dates of May/June being quoted!! The R32 has to drop in price so that Dealers can shift them.

(BTW it was a Feb 2004, Reflex Silver with only 8000 miles on the clock and the dealers had it up for ?21995.)

Did VW offer you a job or something? It's clear you like the MK5, but you seem to have a somewhat blinkered and one-sided opinion towards it mate.
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