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I have a US PSP. I bought Virtua Tennis (1 day before release [:)]) and
it's great, just like the dreamcast/ps2 version. I had version 1.5
firmware but to play the game it made me install version 1.52 (which
was on the disc). I was unable to play the game without doing this.
Just a warning for you people.

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I bought house of the flying daggers on UMD and the quality is
excellent. You will need to use your earphones or get some external
speakers unless you are in a very quiet place as the sound volume is
fairly low. There are no extras on all the UMDs that I have seen and it
is a bit disappointing just to have the movie and nothing else. I
bought a 1 gig memory card and put scrubs/simpsons/family guy episodes
on for breaks at work etc and find this much better. I would only buy a
UMD again if I was going on a plane or long train journey or something.

I've got a few games now so I'll give a quick summary of each if anyone is contemplating buying any:

Ridge racers - everyone will probably buy this and it is a great game

Everbody's golf / Hot shot golf - my most played game (once I sussed the putting) by far, fantastically addictive

Tiger woods - played a lot until I got the above game. It feels not
quite optimised for psp play and just doesnt work as well as
everybody's golf

Virtua Tennis - Great game, almost identical to the psp version (vt3 I think). Will be great in multiplayer I reckon

Fifa - Hate the graphical slowdown, rubbish, traded it in. Some will like it though.

World tour soccer - good game, easy to play, presentation is a bit basic but best footie game until pro evo comes along

Wipeout pure - Really good game, nice graphics, nice sense of speed

Coded Arms - Rubbish game, repetitive, boring levels, played for about 10 mins. Demo videos looked good but big letdown

Metal Gear Acid - rubbish game (unless you like turn-based card game?!)

Ape Academy - weird weird game, very funny, dont know how often I'll play it

(Before anyone asks, I have traded a lot of these games and thankfully no longer own some of them)

Virtua Tennis, Everbodys golf and either Ridge or Wipeout are
must-haves. Lumines is supposed to be majorly addictive but I have
enough addictive games for the moment.
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