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I originally bought this to build something special for myself. Am still in two minds about doing that, or simply getting it sorted and putting an MOT on it and then selling it and looking for another Skoda Octavia VRS Estate.

So a little background.

Silver PD150 5 door with the winter pack that had not been driven for more than a year. The power steering rack had failed and the car was then sat in the previous owner's garden waiting on repairs, which never happened. MOT expired in March 2021.

Pretty clean car in and out with plenty of receipts for maintenance, and pretty much every MOT certificate, full book pack and both keys. Had a new camshaft and followers in 2014 at 116639 miles. Regularly serviced. Spent much of its life near Kendal in the Lake District.

No dash lights and started straight away. Had to be brought home on the recovery truck since the rack is shot.

Before I start diving into it some things I can see it needs
  • new steering rack, inner tie rods, boots and track rod ends
  • fix small wear rip in heated driver's seat bolster
  • new wipers front and back
  • new front wings
  • valve on n/s/f tyre is leaking air
  • due for a cambelt, water pump and tensioner
  • replace thermostat
  • needs the fan mod fix - fuse is burned out and replaced with a section of copper wire from what I reckon was an extension lead!
  • brakes were recently changed - hopefully I can deal with the surface rust and clean them all up
  • full service filters and fluids including gearbox oil
  • new car mats (there are none)
  • new injector wiring loom - there is an intermittent misfire and this is logged when I checked with VCDS.
  • drivers door does not lock and unlock on remote
  • drivers side rear window motor makes noise but window does not move up or down
  • inspect boots and suspension, brake lines etc - plenty can happen with it sitting still for such a long time
  • armrest latch was broken - I replaced the latch and spring with one I had on the shelf.

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Needed a good wash when it got home, and a long vacuum too.

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Looks like it might have been sat with the bonnet open at some stage - there was mould on the noise blanket on the bonnet and the engine was really dusty. There is also surface corrosion on the aluminium engine parts. I cleaned the mould with a steam cleaner and then set about making the engine bay look more presentable.

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I will get it into the workshop today and start looking at stuff and order some parts

Also noticed the car was missing the jack, so I sourced once locally and it now sits in the boot as it should.

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Looks like we will need some new backing plates for the discs and some rear shockies.

Edit - think ill just pull the backing plates off all together.

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Took the injector wiring loom out ready for the new one.

A little wrestling with the EGR cooler. Fitted blanking plates for the EGR - there was a lot of crap in the intake - surprised it had any power. Spent a good while with the inlet manifold off cleaning all the crap out. Also worked the inlet areas of the head with a vacuum and a pick taking my time. Not spotless but much better than this.

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Also needs a nearside driveshaft inner cv boot.

Had a good look at the camshaft after removing the injector wiring loom. I can see the start of wear on the camshaft which is a shame.

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Aircon appears to have gas.

Brake discs and callipers just have surface corrosion so I should be able to clean them all up which is good news. Back callipers look to be pretty recent as well.

Fitted a middle hearest in the back seats that was missing.

Found a small rust hole in the rear axle that I'll get a patch welded on. The axle appears to have Powerflex rear axle bushes already in.

The springs appear to be in pretty good condition so am thinking instead of coilvers on this one I may drop in some new shockies front and rear.

I will get to work on the surface rust on the axle and the front subframe.

The bushes and ball joints look ok on the control arms so I may fit the audio tt mk1 cast control arms I have and put the old arms on the shelf so I can swap them back in as and when I come to sell the silver car. Same for the Audi TT mk1 strut brace I am thinking of fitting.

I should have the steering rack off today and get that swapped for the refurbished unit that I can hopefully pick up later on.

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Parts ordered:
INA timing belt kit
water pump
Man filters - oil, air, fuel, cabin
Aux belt
Wiper blades front and rear
Inner cv boot front inner side driveshaft
Sachs shocks front and rear with new bump stops etc at rear

Collecting the steering rack tomorrow

Will order the wings later on.

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Filters all changed. Old air and cabin filters were not too bad at all.

Wipers fitted front and rear.

New VW logo wheel centres in.

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Got the springs on the struts. Strut tops seemed OK.

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Cleaned up the hubs, removed the rusty backing plates. My new Milwaukee rotary tool came in useful for that. Drill and wire wheels have had a workout tonight. Car being sat still unused for so long has let the tin worm work on the surface of the hubs and carriers. Looking better now. I'll give the hubs a quick dust with black paint. Will clean the disks tomorrow.

Cleaned up the callipers and the metal carriers. Will do the slides tomorrow. Need rear pads - will order tomorrow along with a spare fuel filter (I always carry a spare fuel filter in all the diesel vehicles I drive). Got some blue enamel paint to try on this car's brakes. First coat on tonight.

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Last pic is blurry - sorry.

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The timing belt kit and the back shocks should arrive tomorrow and the injector wiring loom is on the way.

I'll get the rack out tomorrow in time to collect the replacement exchange unit in the afternoon and get that back in.

Ordering the wings tomorrow and hope to make a start on the timing belt and water pump.


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Old rack off.

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Picked up the refurbished steering rack complete with 3-year warranty.

Cleaned up the front subframe whilst it was off the car. New washers on the banjo bolts and the new steering rack is back in the car. I struggled with the part inside the car. Took me a good while to get the clamp on far enough to get the bolt home.

Cleaned up the discs with a flap wheel in the grinder - that’s a dusty noisy job!

Built-up driver's side front strut and hub. Second coat of paint to brake callipers and carriers all around.

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New injector wiring loom fitted and cover torqued back on using sequence specified in Bentley manual.

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Pulled the battery tray - need to sort the captive nut under the clamp - just spins so probably cut it off and weld in a fresh one.

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Car is booked in for MOT and tracking on Tuesday.

I plan to finish off suspension tomorrow and then clean the brake slides and refit them either tomorrow or Saturday - might wait so the paint has some more time to harden. Should be able to make some headway on the cambelt and water pump change as well.

The blue 1.4 Mk4 from my daughter is in for MOT tomorrow then I can get it sold for her.

Ordered the new wings today - will be here next week.

CPC sent me an email to tell me the second resistor I need is now in stock so I will be able to address the fan issue next week.

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Both front struts are built up and brakes on. Waiting on the inner cv boot for the nearside then I can get the driveshaft back in.

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Both front wings off - not had headlight washers before. got a nice face full of screen wash when I popped them off. :)

Started cleaning up the back axle.

I'll probably get that finished later then build up the back brakes, run new brake fluid through the system, and fit the back shocks.

Have delayed the MOT until a week today.

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Battery tray was sorted, Took a while to get the nut / metal grommet it sits in out. put a rivnut in its place and tiger sealed the metal plate the rivnut sits in to the underside of the tray.

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Got to work on cleaning up the rear axle using drill and wire brush attachments took about 90 minutes, also the tank supports and the front crash bar. Then clean off with compressed air, then a damp cloth.

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Follow with a coat of Bilt and Hamber Hydrate 80 and leave it to work its magic.

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Then a coat of satin black paint. You can't stop the tin worm, but I have found this slows it down a lot.

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Fitted the back Votex mudflaps I had from my daughter's old car. I will fit the fronts when I install the new front wings due next week.

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Old shocks were shot. On with some new Sachs units.

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Got the back brakes built back up. Cleaned the slides and then used red rubber grease. I need to get a new piston boot for the nearside so probably a calliper rebuild kit is in order.

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Want to fit some clips to parts of the heat shields tomorrow where they are missing.

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Straightened up the rear number plate and fitted new yellow plastic caps to the screws.

Fitted 4 missing clips to the heat shields.

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Did the wire brush, hydrate 80 and satin black routine on the middle cross member below the exhaust.

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Drained gearbox oil and refilled with fresh.

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Stripped the parts around the gear cables. Lever was not self-centering. all cleaned and lubed and working once more.

Changed fuel filter.

Replaced brake fluid.

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CV boot arrived, so stripped and cleaned the driveshaft and cv. Messy job

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All back together and now on the car

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One of the handbrake cables was bad

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So got 2 new pagid ones and those are fitted.

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Which has led to an interesting problem. I am pretty sure the handbrake worked fine before I changed the pads.
After changing them I pressed the brake pedal a few times, then pulled the handbrake lever. the side with the damaged piston boot actuates fine.

The drives side however does not want to wind itself out. so there is almost no handbrake on the drive's side. i can work the lever by hand - at the very limit, it applies some force to the pads but not much. So it is not ratcheting up the slack as it should. Any thought please or do I need a new calliper? One thought it to wind out the piston just a touch and see if it engages. Many thanks.

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I've pulled the calliper apart. The threaded bar moves in and out but there is no rotation when it does so. So I have decided I will use the piston and the boot from this calliper in the nearside and have ordered a replacement calliper from Brakes International. Should be here Wednesday so in time for the MOT and tracking on Friday.

There are still a fair few things to do for Friday -
  • fit the new tyres when they arrive
  • paint and fit the new o/s/r calliper just ordered
  • fit the handbrake calliper return springs when they arrive
  • rebuild the n/s/r calliper
  • adjust handbrake once new parts fitted
  • oil and filter change
  • change the cambelt, water pump, tensioner and thermostat and fill with coolant
  • do the radiator fan resistor mod
  • weld small patch on the rear axle
  • check the operation of the lights and horn etc
  • fit Heko wind deflectors when they arrive
  • replace the driver's door lock mechanism (only works on the key and not the fob)
  • investigate and repair o/s/r window - motor spins but no window movement
  • fit floor mats when they arrive
  • wash, clay bar and polish

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New tyres arrived - at the garage to be fitted on the rims. I'll use the old tyres as beds to grow some veggies.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

Finally got the right timing belt kit from Euro Car Parts, after 2 wrong ones coming out. This one has the hydraulic damper in it.

Gadget Font Material property Motor vehicle Audio equipment

The old parts are all off, been waiting on this for a day now. Will get started fitting that later tonight.

Heko wind deflectors arrived front fitted - will do rears after I sort the non-opening offside window.

New calliper arrived - painted and drying now. Will fit that tonight and bleed it and adjust handbrake.

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Changed the bleed nipple n/s/r calliper and re-bled back brakes. EDIT - see later we had ongoing issues with air in the system.

Fitted timing belt, water pump and tensioner.

New aux belt fitted.

New thermostat - found that a bit tricky - ended up removing the alternator for better access.

Still waiting on the new wings, and to get the axle welded.

Oil and filter tomorrow, plus refill coolant and the power steering green fluid. The tyres have still not been fitted so have delayed the MOT.
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