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Hi Guys and Gals

I have a few issues with my great GT TDI 130 MK4 52 plate. Can any of you experts please help me?

Air Con Issue.

My air con stopped working in the summer, I had it refilled and it worked for about a week, I noticed that there was a whirring noise before it stopped working. I had the gas checked and it was empty. My mechanic checked the system once filled again and it held. We changed the filling valves but again it finished in a week once filled. I decided to do some research over winter and here I am. Any Ideas? I plugged in VAG COM and nothing.


My heating is not very good, I spotted that when I put the heating on, the fan inside the engine started spinning. We we turned the heating off the fan stopped inside the engine bay. Any Ideas? I plugged in VAG COM and nothing.


My coolant lights comes on in the morning, sometimes it says stop and sometimes service manual. I changed the coolant but nothing has changed. Any Ideas? I plugged in VAG COM and nothing.


I started to hear a whishing noise when I accelerated, I checked the clips on hose and found that my Intercooler clip was damaged, the noise was still there so I felt around and I get feel it was fractured. Therefore at high boost I am getting a leak. Shall I buy one from the stealer or get one of these Intercooler kits for about £260? I have seen a FMIC kit I just need to know the difference in price and benefits?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks

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