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Problem - please someone help me!!

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Hi all, i bought my mk4 R in march, and ever since i bought it, the exterior temperature reading, both on the dash and on the air con unit have read about 10 degrees colder than it actually is. initially I assumed it would just be the external temp sensor at the bottom of the front bumper-It wasnt. So i decided i would bite the bullet and book it in to specialist cars aberdeen. They checked the wiring and all the other sensors and said they are all fine, it must be the aircon unit. I came back a week later and they fitted the unit, with no results. They said they have never seen this before and have no idea what it could be. If i can locate the problem they will fix it for free( yes VW are doing it for FREE) so if anyone has any ideas regarding this please let me know

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Guys, im going to have to bump this.

I have tried absolutley everything. sent my instrument cluster and heater unit to be tested for faults, they are fine. the sensor is fine, the wires are fine, an auto sparky had the car for a fortnight and tried it all. the reading is the same with the sensor attached, and un-attached!!

someone must have some idea please!!!

thanks in advance

Wow someone said BOUGHT instead of BROUGHT, how refreshing. I assume you have had the battery in and out a number of times?

Chris Imagewerx may be able to come up with some sensible suggestions, he's way more switched on with electrics than a lot of people.
Yep, i have done the lot.

Hopefully Chris can!!
Goes to look through 250Gb hard drive for anonymous circuit diagrams[whistle].
thanks SO much chris. if you figure this out i will actually send you money through paypal or something!!
It's only got two wires.

1.Brown/white should be connected directly to ground.

2.Brown/yellow which should go to the cluster and pin #26 of the green connector.

Try giving it a new ground on the brown/wire white,if that doesn't work try connecting it directly to the cluster with some new wires.

thanks for looking chris. i forwarded your message on to the guy that did the work on my car, he said he tried them all but the temperature doesnt change, even if we take out the sensor, the temperature doesnt change
he had both the cluster and the climate control unit taken out and sent somewhere in england to be tested?? and they are both perfect apparently.
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