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Okay, for those concerned, hopefully you should all have your passes for privvy parking now. The lineup for Saturday & Sunday is as follows, if your name is in italics it means I am still waiting on information from you:?

Andrew???????? ?dannyboy
flyfs6??????????? Essex Escy
dannyboy?????? cage
Deadlock?????? jrw
Faisal????????? ??GeordieLife
GeordieLife??? Golf V5
Golf V5????? ??? GTI Fly
jrw??????????????? Henry Tse
sparrow????? ?? turbo paul
turbo paul? ??? tylerama
zekegti???? ???? wallacel
Pending ???????? Wayne

I shall be organising a meetup and convoy to the show ground. We all need to arrive at the ground together so we get parked together. Waiting inside the park is kept to a minimum so I suggest we meet at Ufford Road in the village of Eyke, a couple of miles from Bentwaters at 7.30-7.45am :?


For those with Sat Nav, the postcode is IP12 2QW.

I will be making up spec sheets to display on the cars. Can each of you please PM / email me some photographs of your car and its full spec & colour. In addition, can you please tell me your mobile phone number in case I need to contact you at the time.

Fire away with any questions!

Update 04/05/05

Ok, the time is nearly upon us and I'm going away?so won't?be online again before the show. Each of you have my mobile number in case you need to get in touch with me, or you can contact Tabs through the forum if you have any further questions.

A few things to note:

  • We must arrive at Bentwaters as a group to get parked together. Please make sure you leave in plenty of time to avoid inconveniencing other people. We are meeting at 7.30 to leave at 7.45am.
  • We will be meeting and driving through residential areas, so please respect the fact that people will still be in bed.
  • Remember your passes and tickets! If you haven't got a ticket already you can buy these at the gate.
    [*]I'll be in a grey Bora, don't look for my Golf [;)]

See you all then! [Y]

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Oh yeah, I forgot about time. Apparently (according to the lovely Sally at Autometrix):

"Privvy parking usually allowed in from 8 to 8.30 onwards, as long as all staff are in place."

So how about meeting at 7.30-7.45? There is only one entrance to the ground, so I reckon it will be pretty busy

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Quote: posted by Essex Escy on 18/04/2005 12:48:18

thats quite early.....will the time we all get there determine where we get parked?

Yup! First come, first served - there aren't any allocated spaces

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Quote: posted by Essex Escy on 18/04/2005 14:05:23

i'll sort out pictures and spec later too.......

YOGi my son, you need to sort your dent out by then...

This brings me on to my next post....... The donate YOGi a pound to help fix his bonnet foundation [:D]

Now thats a pound each & remember i accept paypal and cheques!

Please PM me for details!

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I've phoned them up & they say everyone must arrive together, we won't be able to reserve any spaces. And the earlier we're there, the nearer we are to the rest of the event stuff
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