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Powersteering leak

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Hi all I saw a couple of posts about stop leak for powersteering mine is leaking from nearside boot on the rack has anyone tried the wynns one with success
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No, it might work temporarily at best but the only cure is to replace the rack, loads about second hand though for cheap.
Yeah I thought that to just finished changing the rack in the pissing rain never a good idea but ha ho done it now I managed to get a second hand one from a 2.0 gti fairly cheap so fingers crossed thanks for you advice Seatmann
Snap, mine started peeing out both ends today so I've just been out and changed it. Had a spare which saved a bit of hassle. Not many cars I can do rack in two hours.

I think my problem was using cable ties on the plastic boots, they weren't tight enough and let water in so both ends were rusty.

Anyway onwards and upwards apparently lol
Took mine for a road test hit a bloody pothole and it completely tore my bottom arm rear bush lol so had to change that today can't really complain though as I got the car so cheap lol 20v turbo for £350 I'm gonna renew the whole suspension soon maybe coilovers but I don't want to drop it to much to many speed humps round here lol
I'm running the eBay pro springs, 35mm drop but 40 would still be good. R32 bushes for the wishbone, they last year's and feel better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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