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powerflow exhaust

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im having a powerflow exhaust fitted to my car next week but the rear bumper does not have a cut out for the exhaust. i was hoping to fit a anni valance but have been unable to get one in time. was thinking about cutting a hole in my standard rear valance but not too sure about doing this.anyone done this before or got some ideas on what i can do???? cheers
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cut the hole so you can get the exhaust doen then buy the rear valance [Y]
hi mate, am tekkin a wander ova to powerflow on thursday maself, and was curious to know what car you drive (peterol or diesel mainly), what set up you're after, and how much its gunna cost? i kno its a bit cheeky to ask but am jus after a little insight, can allways drop me a pm if it helps lol
No worries pal it's a 2.0 gti petrol. They've quoted me 240 for a cat back system just have to chose a tail pipe when I get there. Hope that helps lol
hi there i have had a jetex stainless system fitted and a down piep and i cut the standard valance to fit around the pipe while i wait to find a anni valance easy and simple
lol couldnt have asked for more! lol cheers for that mate, helps loads, deffo gunna pop ova now! [Y]
What did you use to cut it out with? Have u got any pictures of the finished job I could see?
a friend of mine went to powerflow and they cut it for him, because you dont know exactly how it will sit untill you get there. it looks good as it is too, sorry no pics.
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