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Powerflex or audi wishbone bushes?

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The money pit has started again!

First off the central locking has seen its 'arris' and wont re-synch, secondly the other half had an incident with an errant stag on her way home from work causing a few nice front end body modifications and now less than 12 months in, the front wishbone bushes are giving up the ghost again! To say i'm not happy is an understatement :(

So after a search and reading a few 2 yrs + old threads, which are considered a better investment. The powerflex (few mixed answers from people who know people who know people who have had them fitted etc) or the audi tt ones? First hand experience replies only though please. Lol :)
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I just got superflex bushes fitted to my wishbones, they are uprated polyurethane bushes. But retain the comfort of OE bushes. I have also fitted powerflex on the rest which are ok too.
I am running the powerflex ones, they give a harsher ride, but you get used to it. I then fitted the 18" and they made a bigger difference.
for me it's TT ones all day long, had issues with powerflex ones in the past. i'm running TT ones on my bora over a year now with no issues. was running low on coils now run lower on air and they're still in good nick. Ed, Faisal, Mcpickering, Hamidi, Timbomfg and many more have TT bushes fitted and i've heard no complaints.
I cant comment on the Powerflex bushes, but I have the TT ones in mine and I am happy with them...nice upgrade [y]
i can warmly recommend super pro.

team bora and myself have been running them in several cars for the last year in severe track conditions and unlike a certain power.... brand did not dis-integrate after a few month.

i offer them already fitted to a mk4 wishbone on a exchange basis, so the job can be done by a competent diy mechanic.

Thanks for the replies people, being slightly financally embarassed after the xmas period [:$] and a bit of an urgent requirement to get it sorted have decided to go for the slightly cheaper option of the tt solid rubber ones. Hopefully they will last longer than the 8 months the current ones have!

Just out of interest, does anyone know if these are the same diameter as mk2 gti ones?
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