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Powerflex Dogbone Mount for TDI's!!! Brand new Product!

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Hi Guys,

Just a quick post to let you all know that Powerflex are now doing a 'Diesel Specific' Dog Bone mount insert for the Golf Mk4 Platform.

Developed by Powerflex with the Assistance of Awesome; specific to TDI engines and designed to give very little increase in vibration, whilst reducing lateral engine movement significantly!

Reducing the amount of latteral engine movement allows for smoother power delivery on 'quick starts', a Smoother gear change and quicker pickup when accellerating from slightly higher speeds, such as Overtaking on the motorways. This is particularly important with the amount of torque that some of the Tuned TDI's are churning out!
Click here to view this product on our online store

I have fitted one of these to my own car and have been very happy with the results!

Posted Image

Fits the following Vehicles:
* Volkswagen - Golf Mk4 / Bora / Beetle
* Seat - Leon Mk1 and Toledo (2000-2004)
* Audi - A3 8L
* Skoda - Octavia Mk1

We have also helped powerflex to re-develop the Existing PFF85-504 - The Mk5 Platform Torque arm Insert/Dogbone mount insert. These are now much much easier to fit than the original design and still give the same improvements to the drive, pickup and gear shift on the vehicle.

Fits the following Vehicles:
* Volkswagen Golf Mk5
* Seat Leon Mk2 and Altea (upto 2008)
* Audi A3/S3 8P (upto 2008)
* Skoda Octavia Mk2 (upto 2008)
Click here to view this product on our online store

We are also looking at introducing one of these for the Mk5 1.9TDI and 2.0TDI models shortly!

To place an order, Please give us a buzz on: 0161 776 0777 (opt1) or see our Online Store
Cheers, Al.
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Hi Al

Do you do a mount like these for the 02 Passat PD100? My Passat engine and box move back and forth a great deal when I accelerate or lift off any advice please [help] Thanks Shane.
Hi mate,

Unfortunately as the Passat engine is mounted Inline as apposed to transverse, They have what's known as a 'Snub mount' which limits the amount of lift front to rear on the engine.

The item which limits the amount of 'twist' movement on the engine would be the side engine mounts themselves.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer any uprated engine mounts for the B5/B5.5 passat so I can only really recommend a set of new O.E. mounts.

Hope this helps mate,
Regards, Al.
Thanks Al next time im under it I'll check to see if any of them are perished. Thanks again. Shane.
Not a problem mate!
:) No worries mate!

Just waiting on my first batch to arrive!
:) No worries mate!

Just waiting on my first batch to arrive!
I will give you a bell 1st thing tomorrow morning mate[Y]
Not a problem! I'll be here bright and early! (8.30am +)
Sounds good and at a very good price, do you have these in stock ? ifso will give you a call in a minute

thanks craig
Hi Craig,

We've not got any in stock as of yet but we do have 15 of them on order which are due in around a week or so.

Hope this helps,
Cheers, Al.
let us know when there in as definetly interested,

thanks craig
No worries mate, I'll flick up a message as soon as they land with us!
These have now arrived and are flying out! From the 20 that have dropped with us, We have only 3 left in stock :)

More to come soon!

Regards, Al. (on Dean's computer)
I fitted mine a week ago now, and have done circa 300 miles on it...makes the car feel much more solid, but with only minimal added vibrations...very impressed [y]

Im sure the diesel guys will love this item, as will the petrol ones whom want a hybrid bush between OEM and the 'Yellow' bush [y]

Yeah, Dare I say it, I think they'd actually be a bit better than the Yellow one on the R32's and V6 4mo's!

Glad you are happy with the product though! :) Took a fair few weeks of too-ing and fro-ing between myself and Powerflex to get the design spot on! :)
Well full compliments to you, as they are very good, and I personally am impressed with them [y]

As already shown, im sure these will sell very quickly!
:) Cheers man!

Only one left now, but more on the way!!!
Hopefully mine will come before the weekend and I will let you know how it goes. Used to have the yellow one on a petrol Leon I had and it was awful.
I got mine during the week, already fitted it.

The vibrations are really noticeable at first, compared to standard anyway, but the responsiveness it gives is incredible!
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