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Powerflex dogbone fitting preferences on diesel

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Hi, I've just purchased a POWERFLEX dog bone bush - Part No: PFF85-420R.
I beleve that this is the diesel version and so softer then their other ones.
I will probably fit them and see how much extra noise and vibration i get first, but I was also considering the idea of drilling them
or only fit 1 part of them as I am not really looking forward to more noise.
Just wondering if anyone whose fitted them to diesel had any thoughts or thinks they have got a nice setup could comment.
Many thanks
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Good find bud, at the time PowerFlex didn't make a softer one for the diesels so I have the normal hardness one on my diesel! I've got used to the slight extra vibration plus it's been on there for over 1k miles so it's bedded in now.

I think it'll be fine to both parts in as is because of it being a softer compound in the first place. Give it time to bed in though, the benefits out-weigh the slight additional vibes experienced at first.
Well they have arrived!

Posted Image

And they come with fitting instictions lol.

Posted Image

I think your right blackseedyeye. They actually feel quite soft not like the last poly bush I felt, er...

Gonna fit them now and let them bed in for a months to see how feel.

Hope they don't fight too much. All the best.
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Wow. Feel good mod or what? Start to finish 40 mins including 2 **** and a coffee!

Here is the old one exploded;

Posted Image

Old vs new dog bone bushes:

Posted Image

This is how I got the bolt to connect with the back plate
By standing on my Socket extension bar then turning the whole dogbone while pushing down.

A lot easier then most reports of these poly bushes. Prob because of the softer compound for diesels.

Posted Image

And this is the annoying back plate that the bolt screws into.

I tightened it until the end of the bolt was level with the back edge of the plate (didn't have any instructions for this so was my best guess):

Posted Image

That's about it.
Dogbone mount bolt sizes and torque:

Sizes 2x13mm to chassis. 20nm +90•

2x16mm to transmission. 40nm +90•

dogbone shaft bolt is 16mm as well.

I'll update on how it drives when I got my console back together.
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looks good, excuse my ignorance, where is this located on the diesel?
Did you notice a difference in acceleration or vibration?

thanks craig
Wooa. I need to do some test post i think!

PPP: It is underneth the engine at the back in the middle ~ It connects to gearbox where the box meets the engine. It is basically the third engine mount that stops the engine rotating when you accelerate.

Yamaha88:Acceleration is not any more powerfull but there is no engine lurch lag.

When you take your foot off the gas to slow down if has removed that bit where the car slows quick then slightly lurches forwards before slowing again.

But It may also have removed some fillings too! In rerverse the vibration and noise is awful. But this is early days from what i can gather it should settle down some then i can comment.

Blackseedyeye: My word fella, if you put in the non diesel one i'm surprised your dashboard didn't simply shatter. The noise and vibes i'm getting when reversing is nuts.

When you tightened up the bolt that holds the assembly together do you remember if there was any special instructions as to how much to thighten? I just made it about level with the far edge of the backplate-nut. (just made it up[:)])
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Right. Been having a few personal issues since xmas but i thought it was about time to get back to you about this "mod".

Basically I hate it. The handaling is generally better but if your weel goes into a pot hole the whole weight of the engine is pulled down into it to making for some scary unwanted deviation off course.

The car now sounds like a tractor! Not just inside but just in general. The vibrations have settled down after 1.5k but still well over what I considor pleasant.

I am about to try swapping back in part of my original rubber mount (the solid bit not the convoluted bit) to see if that helps but I also think tha even if it does make it better the rubber mount will probably be destroyed much quicker that it would do normally as the other part is so hard.

So if anyone knows where i can get a better than stock OEM mount i would be grateful if you'd let me know!
I actually drilled my Yellow Mount and still have the other side of the OEM rubber mount in as well like a hybrid (on the bolt side) Cant remember what i did when tightening it up.. just made sure it wasnt gonna come undone very easily.. Mine isnt bad at all.. And does make a nice difference to the power delivery and gear changes..

I knew nothing about this "Red" Version till now so i was considering swapping it out to an all out poly bush rather then a hybrid. Dunno if im just wasting £18 tho

I do believe the SuperPro ones are more softer then the powerflex ones.. Only what ive heard tho. But they are more expensive.. I think you have got to have some sorta trade off with increased vibration or noise if you want a more "sportier" or "solid" feel to either the gear change or acceleration of the car. Cant have one without the other [:)]
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