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Posting URLs ?

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How many posts do you need to make before you allowed to post working links ?


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There's no post limit. But you cant simply paste a URL you need to use the insert link button.

Paste the text you want to use for the link the paste the URL into the box and click insert.
Hmmm ok, the link and unlink options are greyed out for me. I use other forums with the exact same panel and the options work. I'm using Firefox, no addons.... I'll try IE !
Testing once more...

IE9 didn't seem to work too well....
IE9 isn't the best at the moment as it's still a Beta.

You need to put your text in, highlight it, and then the link buttons should appear available.
I put a link in your OP. If you edit it with iphone editor you can see how to use the tags.
Many thanks, got it was me (IE9 as well, all good in firefox!)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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