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If I had a pound for each time someone asked how to post pics, I'd be rich. So here's a quick how to (hope I haven't breached any copyright rules)

First off, the picture you want to post needs to be stored somewhere. It can't be stored on your hard drive it has to be on a website or in your own personal webspace. (That's a whole different how to!)

So here goes:

Open the picture that is stored on your webspace/gallery/other webpage.

Right click on the image and s elect 'properties'.

Click and drag to highlight the Address/URL which wil be something like:

(duff address by the way)

Right Click on the highlighted address and s elect 'copy'.

Go to the thread you want to post in and click on the 'reply to topic' link. Not the quick reply link.

Click on the image button on the format menu. This will produce 2 image tags [**img][/img**] without the **.

Place your mouse between the 2 sets of brackets.

Right click and s elect paste. This will insert the address of your image that you previously copied from the properties window.

The code in your window should now look like this:

Posted Image

If you now click the preview button at the bottom you should now see your pic. Add any other text that you want to the post and Robert's your Father's Brother.


EDIT: Resizing Utility

I found a great resizing tool from microsoft for XP. It may work with other versions of windows but have not tried it.

If you're running XP and haven't got any imaging software there is a power toy utility called ImageResizer. This lets you right click on an image in any folder, s elect the size you want and saves a small copy in the same folder.

There is a different link for XP home and XP pro but I'm sure it's the same.

click on the ImageResizer.exe link about half way down the page on the right.

I tried it on a 1MB jpeg and it brought it down to 50k. Perfect for those people who post huuuerge pics in the forum!

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I remember seeing that picture (not sure if it was in your sig) and it was way bigger than that. It has to be no more than 175 x 150 and about 25kb. Also, is that your car cos it looks remarkably like another forum member's. If it is his maybe he has asked for it to be removed.
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