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Possible Mk IV GTI 2.0 8v purchase

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Hi all

Depending on a quote when my insurance company re opens tomorrow I am going to look at a 130k mile GTI 8v and just wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on what I should look out for?

The car is a 00V two owner car with full history, recent service and 12 months MOT.


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Pointers to look for........ a different model. They really aren't a very engine choice, given all the engines fitted to a mk4.

High oil consumption, not very good mpg and not much power for the lack of mpg.

Depending on your insurance situation, look at other engines.
look for the turbo, when you can't find it buy one with one fitted.

sorry, couldn't resist [:)]

why are you looking at a 2.0gti out of interest, as above its not the best model to go for unless its stupidly cheap.
If its an insurance issue, look for the 1.8 non-turbo GTI. Its actually quite a lot better than the 2.slow.
Insurance shouldnt be an issue as I'm 27 with 4 years NCB. I am looking at this model as I have been offered one for £900. I am not bothered by the lack of performance and know its the worst engine in the Mk4, just want something thats going to run for a year while costing little in maintenance. I don't want the additonal costs of a Turbo but would look at the 20v if I could find one with the same history / mileage for a decent price
left standard and properly serviced the 1.8T is very very reliable and would be a far nicer drive than the 8v in everyway and could easily return noticibly better mpg.

have you considered other cars with the same engine? the 1.8T went in many things from audi/seat/vw/skoda.
I've also been and looked at a 20V (NA) Passat for £750. If I am honest I am just on the look out for a well maintained car that should do me good service. Problem is I only have a grand to spend so I don't have a lot of choice.

There is a V5 Toledo near me which I may go and look at but worried about fuel consumption on that.
cheapest golf gti 1.8T i can see on the trader is £1500 but is newer and lower milage (Y reg with 125k), looks like your best bet for a similar age/milage/priced 1.8T is a passat.
The thing is with any car with 130k miles is that the car has done 130k miles, regardless of the service history etc, god knows what parts have went without breaking in all that time.

VW's are built to a very high standard and stuff can last a long time, but they will eventually go, so regardless of the nice history etc you could still end up forking out.
One of the reasons why I'm leaning towards the Passat as that has only done 80k. I know that neither a Passat or 8v Golf are going to be the most exciting car in the world but that's not why I am looking to buy either of them.

The Golf is 125 miles away so want to be armed with as much information as possible before I go. What MPG can I realistically expect? And how high is the oil consumption?
It wont be the most boring of golfs to drive (I used to have a 1.4..) but I think if you drive it right you should see 35-45mpg depending on what sort of driving your doing.

To be honest if your driving that far then maybe you could find some other cars? For a similar price you can get a better golf for your money and something that will put a smile on your face....

I was outraged when I saw this, sucks that I can't afford to run a petrol or I would have jumped at it.
oil wise the 2.0's can use anything from next to nothing to about a 1 litre a month .
i used to have the 2.0 8V before my 1.8T and yes it does use a fair bit of oil but it is still fun to drive and i found very reliable and my car was in excess of 120000miles, to be honest as long as you look after it you sholdnt have any problems.
I've got the 2.0 8v ive had the car for 2 years and never had to top up the oil once. As for fuel consumption I get about 30 round town and near enough 40 on a long run.
I've got the 2.0 8v ive had the car for 2 years and never had to top up the oil once. As for fuel consumption I get about 30 round town and near enough 40 on a long run.
woah how do you get 30mpg round town? i used to get like 20 sumtimes less, that is stop start stop start though.
When I say 30 that's if I'm a good boy lol. Can easily drop down to 20 if not careful.
How do I get my car model underneath my name? I'm new to the site and can't figure it out.
go on user cpu which along the top with home,news,forumn etc. then click on the about tab and its on there [Y]
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