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Dear all

It has become apprent that a large number of members are posting
topics in the wrong forums. This not only is adding to the moderators
and admins house keeping, but is also making for dificult navigation of
the forums to locate topics etc.

We could take the approach of deleting topics, but this is a last resort that we would rather not have to take.

Therefore we have decided to re-itterate the descriptions of the
forums, and what can be posted in them, in this thread. In the hope
that it will aid you in when deciding which forum to post your topic

Forum Main


The Announcements forum is our tool for passing important
information on to you, the members.This forum is to be used by the
Moderators and Admins only to post announcements.

Suggestion Box

This forum is for posting suggestions, comments, and any other relevent information relating to improving the website and forum.

Forum Help

Use this forum to post topics if you have any problems with the
website, forum, or any other part of the site - This forum also has a
great deal of information in past topics. If you have a problem try a
search on this forum first, odds are that the problem may have been
covered in the past.

Testing forum

Use this forum to try out your posting skills - like posting pictures etc.

The Lounge

The Lounge - Off Topic area

This is main area for off-topic discussion. If its got bugger all to do wuth MK4 golf's, Bora'a or cars in general, then post it in here.

Computers and Technology

This was created to give the techie bods on the forum a place to chat.

UK-MKIVS Community

MK4 Golf and Bora Chat

This is the most popular forum - to be used for discussion on the
lighter side of the VW Golf MK4 and Bora. Please note for more
technical in-depth disussions there are a number of forums under the
Performance and Technical Catergory.

MK4 Based Cars

Use this forum to discuss the other cars that share the MK4's platform - the Audi TT, Seat's and SKoda's.

MK5 Golf Chat

TO be used for discussion on the up and coming Golf MK5 - also extends to the new Audi platform for the A3.

Other Cars non VAG

For discussion of other cars not connected to the VAG family. For example Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota, BMW etc.

Members rides

Use this forum for posting pics of your pride and joy - why not use this forum to introduce yourself to the forum?

Meets and Events

The forum is to be used for the organinsing of regional and
national meets and events for the uk-mkivs members. If you require a
diary entry creating for a meet or event please contact a moderator for
the forum.

Peformance and Technical

Tuning Forum

The tuning forum is to be used for dicussing tuning relearted
matters. There are currently several tuning companies that are active
within the tuning forum, who are providing members with some useful

VAG COM User Information

Use this forum to discuss all things VAG COM related.

Engine and Exhaust

Pleas use this forum to discuss all things engine and exhaust releated.

Clutch and Gearbox

Pleas use this forum to discuss all things Clutch and Gearbox releated.

Suspension, Brakes and Chassis

Pleas use this forum to discuss all things Suspension, Brakes and Chassis releated.

Wheels and Tyres

Pleas use this forum to discuss all things Wheels and Tyres releated.

I.C.E & Multimedia Forum

Please use this forum to discuss In Car entertainment, multimedia installs and anything else that is covered by the subject.

Detailing and Car Care

PLace to chat about information on keeping your pride and joy
clean. This covers concours, cleaning products and anything else that
is covered by this subject.

Car Insurance Questions

This forum is to be used for duscussion about Car Insurance, quotes and policy information.

D.I.Y Guides and How to Instructions.

This forum is to be used for posting your DIY guides and how to
instructions. You can also use this forum for posting topics about how
to do mods etc.


Group Buys

This forum is to be used for organising group buys. PLease read the Forum Rules for this forum before starting a group buy up.


Web link to the Classifieds section.

We hope that you will please take time to read the above list. We
dont want to have to take the action of deleting topics, but if poor
posting etiquete continues then we will be faced with no other choice.


The uk-mkivs team.

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Early Morning Bump!

Can we keep an eye on this please peeps, its becoming a growing problem lately... we dont want to have to resort to deleting topics, but as this is taking so much time to move things to the correct forum, we may be left with no choice if things do not improve..

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My My..

It seems an ice age since we were all using Yahoo!

Thanks for reminding me! The forum is leagues ahead.. and it can't be easy to administer.. so well done to all the Mods.

I have had an Idea. Sometimes, people put topics in the Bora & Golf chat section as it won't receive as much attention in other forums (or the one it should be posted in!)

How about having a ticker (a scrolling text bar) with very popular (and/or) brand new topics from differnt sections of the site.) Items scrolling across could be clicked on, leading people to the thread. That way, posting a fantastic new How-to in the DIY section will get noticed by everybody and the author won't feel the need to announce it in the b]Bora & Golf chat[/b] section.

Just an idea and quite difficult to expalin, but what do you think?

- Toff.


Originally posted by formoshun

Loud and clear, mes capitains. Not that i make many new posts anyway lol. Under 170 and been here since the yahoo group days. I must have nothing interesting to say [;)]


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Toff, it is a good idea, in principal, but with active topics covering most of topics posted on the forums then I'd say just use that.

In responce to some of the PM replies i've had - I can see where most of you are cominng from, people use a forum like vortex for example, and find it easier to post all topics, regardless of content/subject in one forum - dont you think that will make it easier to find information in the long run?

Personally I dont. Catergorised forum listings with sections for each subject are the way ahead, look at other forums that use this system, then look at the others that rely on one forum for all traffic. See what I'm getting at here?

There is also the aspect that we have quite a narrow subject range here - the MK4 golf and Bora, and not all VW's like some other forums. We have the opportuntiy to expand that range and break down the various sub-sections of that topic to form a resource that can be widely exploited, for the sharing and publishing of information.

Lets not squander that opportunity.

Use the other forums - its not that hard [:)]

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i have to say this forum is so very organised and proffessional, which means its easy to pop in and out and catch up. if anyone wants to see another forum that has no segmentation look at . It is a nightmare to follow !!

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This is starting to happen again - especially in the Lounge and MK4 sections. Just to re-itterate to you:

The Lounge - Off topic area

This forum is to be used for topics that have bugger all to do with the MK4 Golf and Bora!

MK4 Golf and Bora chat

This foum is to be used for discussion of general topics relating to the MK4 Golf and Bora. If the topic is off a Technical nature then please post it in the appropriate Technical forum.

This is the last time we will post this - its up to you lot to help us keep this website as resourceful as possible, and that means making sure information is posted in the correct forum [:)]


The uk-mkivs team.

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This is still happening - some of you still dont seem to be able to post topics in the correct forums!

Help us out here, moderation overheads are increasnig and its becoming harder and harder to navigate some forums and find information - which at the end of the day is what a good forum is all about.

If it persists then we will start to delete topics.


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Bump... again!!

Still happening people... most notably topics regarding Tuning etc that are still cropping up in areas other than the Tuning Forum

If you can just make sure you post in the correct forum, itll make our work so much easier.

As said above, if this continues, we will begin to delete topics rather than spend all of our time moving them.

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