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Please help. Cold / warm air coming out the vents

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I have a golf gti 1.8 s reg.

There is like cold / warm air coming out the vents even after a long drive the car does not get very hot. the temp reading is asways at 90. the engine old water so no leek's

it just never get HOT!!

Please help

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do you feel resistance on your hot cold s elector knob? it might of become disconected, there could be an airlock in the heater matrix, or the heater matrix may be blocked. you could find the pipes that go to the heater matrix and try flushing it with a garden hose( if its not frozen like mine) cant think of anything else[C]
ermm ok when i turn the heater controll fully cold it goes cold but then when i turn fully hot it got warm not hot. How do u mean flush it out ?
I mean have it on hot find the 2 pipes under the bonnet that feed the heater. Disconect the pipes it might be easier to drain the system from the bottom of the radiator first. Then stick the hosepipe down one pipe till you get clean water come out. Put the hosepipe in the other pipe to reverse flush. Reconnect it all up and refill the cooling system. warm the engine up with the filler cap off to remove any trapped air. Hopefully you will have a hot interior afterwards
ok i will give that a go do you think this might be the problem tho ?
well its either airlocked or full of cr4p if the engine is getting to 90 deg. That is as long as the hot / cold valve is on hot. You will find out when flushing if the valve is open or broke as you will have no flow through it[:cool:]
ermm looking at the engine there is a pipe and it got a pit of metal in stopping the water coming out its just hanging there.. i pulled the metal gromit out of the pipe and loads of water went out so put it back in fast.. the pipe is right as the back of the engine bay. will try and get a photo but only have a blackberry and pictures are crap .
ermm ok somthing is f**ked. all my pipes are hot engine at 90. b eing driving for over 1 hour. Water in the cooler tank COLD!!! STONE COLD. And no pressure sound when i opened the cap. all the pipes are hard tho :\
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