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finally i own a golf [:D] in need of some work but still its a start, i have bought a silver 3dr gt tdi 2001 its current mods are audi tt front brakes 312mm i think, rs6 wheels, tinted rear windows, k&n induction kit, full powerflex suspention bush kit, egr blanked off , lowered on shocks and springs, uprated speakers all round, jvc double din sterio, after market exhaust which i am sure is ment to be on a bus its a 6inch oval [:$], remapped

faults with the car are

  • heater plug light (suspect brake light switch)
  • abs light on
  • cv boot split
  • heated seats dont work when i first bought the car the passenger seat worked fine until i removed it to check the resistance between the two seats
  • oil dripping from intercooler
  • front wing has started to rust

plans for the car [:D]

  • fmic
  • vortex exhaust
  • hybrid turbo
  • 150 injectors with bigger nozzles
  • a decent induction kit any ideas?
  • new wheels there is far to much choice to decide which ones [^o)]
  • remove window tints (not to my taste)
  • coilovers and drop it on the floor
  • uprated clutch maybe a solid flywheel???

i am new to the vw world so if there is anything you whould recommend doing or changing with the mods i have in mind please let me know

cheers dean
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