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Pics of colour coded standard valances please???

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As stated in the title, i am thinking of colour coding my valances, i have a 3 door silver golf which has colour coded rub/bumper strips and a black standard grill. Has anyone done this with the standard valance/splitter, im also thinking of putting a LCR splitter underneath it then spraying that gloss black. Or should i just put the LCR on and leave the valance black plastic so it matches the LCR. my car is lowered around 40mm on coilovers with 17"s so im hoping the colour coding/LCR would give the illusion that the car looks that little bit lower, before anyone says just lower it more, i dont want to go much lower due to problems with speedbumps only anouther 10mm-15mm at max which i am planning to do anyway at some point. any ideas/pictures/inspiration would be great.


P.S Also, I will try to upload a decent picture of the front and back of my car if anyones feeling handy with photoshop as im useless at things like that!

EDITED - pictures! Sorry they are dodgey quality and it was really foggy and dark! but just to give you an idea. And the car is horrible dirty too!

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Posted Image
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On my iPhone so can't post pictures, there are some in my build thread, see my sig...
Ok cool mate i'll have a look cheers!
Yes thats excactly what i needed to see thank you! that looks a mile better i recon! how to they come off are they easy? i need to get cracking on these ASAP i feel!
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