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Photoshop Request

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Hey fellas.

Feeling a bit bored... and thinking of redoing my alloys as cheaper than buying more...

Posted Image

Is it possible to do them in the colour on my engine cover??

Posted Image

Also maybe in a few other lairy, and not quite so lairy colours as well if possible??

cheers folks

also if you need other pics, hopefully i can provide
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here ya go they are in the colour of your bay...[y]

Posted Image
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the orange ones look good mate but for me the white ones look better
Yea I think I can second the white...

Cheers Mak

Could you do one anthracite coloured?? [:D]
You could also have something like this...

Black with an orange or red outter rim..sorry i didnt do the rear alloy, had to pop out lol

Posted Image
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Cheers Mak.

Thats got me thinking now... [*-)] I do rather like the orange and black combo [drool]
any time buddy[y] [beer]

i do like the orange with black the most!!
brown/bronze spokes and cream around the dish parts!!

for an eco freindly green looking car!!
The orange and black ones look sick!

the white looks good too..
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