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Photoshop anyone please?? Mam MT1s refurb - change of colour??

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I have a set of MAM mt1 alloys on my car, from what i know of them (not a lot really) they are quite rare alloys and hard to come by. however my set have alloys been a bit tatty since ive had them so im looking to refurb them after the winter period has passed. But i have NEVER seen a set of these in any colour other than polished or chromed. Has anyone ever had them done a different colour? or has it never been done for a reason - that it wouldnt look right. ive been debating the question for a while now and am asking for peoples opinions? maybe keep the lip the normal colour and change the face, or vice-versa? Trying to think outside the box here...

these are my wheels on the car for anyone who doesnt know what they look like...

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I like them polished, you could do the centre in a different colour.

Depends on your personality what you could live with.

If you don't might making a statement a nice bright coloured centre with the lips polished!
There was a set done in crackle black for sale on Edition a few months back, gotta say i really wasn't too keen but i think they would have looked immense on the right car.
Well i can pretty much live with anything appart from stupidily bright neon colour. i was thinking maybe of a candy red face and polished lip, but i dont know, i change my mind so easily and get bored quick. Black was the one colour i wanted to avoid tho because the spoke "twists" wont really show up i dont think if the face is black and there what i think makes the wheels what they are. If anyone has a picture of them in black though i would love to see. but i think the lip needs to stay polished to keep the dish look...
its going to be difficult to do as they are not real splits as far as im aware
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Candy red n polished looks nice mate [Y]

On a silver car you can get away with pretty much anything,as youve said tho,i think you loose the detail on black wheels too.
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Yes mt1s arent split rims so your right they will be a nightmare to do, my best mates dad is an car sprayer and is handy at all sorts of random things so he does all my stuff for me so im sure he can manage to it without being able to split them,

and those alloys look amazing! the colour on them is so good! but im guessing those are real splits so wasnt a problem to do them that colour. and yes black is not my thing to be honest, too common, i try to make my car stand out so as you've said black just looses the detail on them.
found the crackle blacks too! not too keen on these, look too dull for me to be honest...

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I say do em dark grey/anthracite with polished lips or even something random like purple with polished lips.make em stand out
Yes im thinking now to keep the lip polished then only change the face colour, what ever colour it goes though it needs to be nice and shiny. I dont know how the leon with the black ones managed to keep the small bolts round the egde that colour, as far as i new they dont come out as there not split rims? would you have to mask them up? or do they come off? Hmmmmmmmmm, if they do come off that unlocks a lot more possibilities though.
Is anyone good at photoshop and has spare time, if so i would be very greatful if you could give me some colour ideas on these wheels. :)

curlie whats the wheel spec? if u ever decide to sell hit me up!
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i likey! ^^ those are some lairy wheels!

And jaspalr theyre 17" MAM MT1s a standard 5X100 fitment, i THINK theyre staggered 7.5J and 8.5J but not 100% and the offset and rest of it im not really sure about all i know is they fit my car and i LOVE them lol! but as youve said, if i ever hit my head on a concrete wall and knock my brains out and decide to sell them, i'll let you know mate ;)
Out of intrest how much would you buy them for if you found a set, i brought the wheels when i got the car as the guy i brought it off was a fellow dubber so when i got the car it already had the wheels and my coilovers already on it. im not really even sure what theyre worth even if i did want to get rid of them,curious.

to be honest the only thing i could ever swap them for is some BBS RS' but i dont see much chance of that happening :p
I'd get the lip masked off and just get the centres in any of the above colours. But that's just me aha [:)]
Yes that was what i was planning to do anyway and only colour the faces ;) on my build section theres a few more colours photoshopped like that :)
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