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Friends, my VW Bora 2.8L V6 4Motion journey started in 2001 with all black Bora as my only car. By 2014 it was unreliable, I had limited time and know how, so I got rid of it for a new WRX.
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By 2019 I was a bit sentimental and found a Blue 2003 V6 Bora with cream interior. 240k km on clock. Single owner, except for British backpacker for 3 months before I got it. Mostly serviced by VW. Uncommon colour combination in Australia - I really hated the black interior of my first car. Brisbane summers are hot.
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The car was filthy and smelly inside. Did a fair bit of tidying up first: carpet, leather, door cards, seat belts. Cabin filter. Tinted windows.
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Replaced headliner and pillars.
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Recovering parcel shelf was an experience. The plastic vents shattered first time round. Bits got lost at the shop. Needed to buy a second one and have it recovered.

Fitted new 2 DIN head unit with GPS and bluetooth. Wired up for reverse camera.
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The first proper work I have done on any car was replacing the brake pads and rotors all round. Febi Bilstein at rear and Bosh at front.
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Now that I could drive the car, I replaced the three bits that had me stranded in my original Bora:
  • new clutch pedal
  • brake vacuum hose
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- lock cylinder
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Greatest benefit in getting rid of the smell was ozone generator off eBay. Hadn't heard about this at first.
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A mechanic replaced a few seals, spark plugs and injectors. Also front and rear control arms.
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Cleaned out the sunroof overflow pipes. Fronts were easy, needed to remove rear bumper to do rears. Also found a 12V outlet which I would later use to connect a cigarette lighter like my 2001 Bora had.
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I used a friend's hoist to replace haldex filter and oil. Also replaced oil filer, air filter, cabin filter and dog bone / pendulum mount.
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I installed the boot lid part of reverse camera. How I ran the wiring is here.
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Installed new head lights. Found the original leveler motors had disintegrated, as had the internal wiring.
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Pulled out the dash to replace the air con motors, pull out black foam, tape up the air con flaps and lay wiring from boot to head unit for reverse camera.
My V71 motor DIY is here.
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Whoever replaced the boot lock had lost the extension bar to enable opening by key. I was able to replace this from a donor V5 blue Bora 2001.
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Cleaned the carpet and underlay.
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Removed and cleaned under wiper blades. Fitted Meyle wipers. Detailed under the bonnet.
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VagCom showed an error from the window control module, even though it seemed to work fine. I replaced this also, but it was probably unnecessary.
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Replaced front struts and springs. Even with DIY's and Bentley manual, I found this awkward. Took me quite some time.
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I don't remember why, but I decided to only replace the rear struts. Much later I replaced the springs too.
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When reinstalling the dash, I ran USB cables to ashtray and small slot in upper part of glove box.
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Pulled out a bunch of stuff from the donor V5. It's all photographed and in boxes but I doubt it'll ever come in handy.
I used the left fender, bonnet and parts of passenger seat.
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Installed new Pioneer rear speakers. When driving, I normally have 2/3 to 3/4 of volume from the back.
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Installed roof racks, safety triangle, cigarette lighter and boot seal.
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Now for the real work....

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Thanks to lots of advice on this forum, I pulled out the gear box. Replaced crankshaft seal, DMF, clutch disc, pressure plate and central slave cylinder. Used LUK kit. I asked around on forums to see what else I should do along the way. I needed a friend's know how and muscle to reinstall clutch & gear box, thanks Shaun!
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Also, fitted new secondary air pump (as VagCom showed error).
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Out with the old starter motor, just because I was there.
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Replaced leaking engine oil cooler and trimmed up a swollen coolant pipe (bottom right of picture).
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New crack pipe, thermostat housing & flange, temperature sensor and thermostat because these looked fragile. I kept all original pipes & clips as they seemed in good order.
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Fitted new fuel filter
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and air mass sensor (because I was there).
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I replaced both engine mounts. Was surprised to see how far the right/engine mount rubber had sunk. The left/gear box mount seemed less affected.
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Fitted new serpentine belt, power steering pump and coolant pump. To get to the water pump, I lowered the motor (as shown in Bentley manual), rather than lifting it up as most DIY's seem to suggest.
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New coolant reservoir, as the return pipe broke on original one while I was trying to get to the clutch master cylinder.
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I installed new rear springs. This was quite difficult because of limited space for the spring compressor.
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One of the last things I did was to replace the clutch master cylinder. I had lots of hassles with this I guess due to the limited working space.
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New coolant, power steering fluid and gear box oil. New clutch pedal sensor switch and brake light switch.
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And she's back on the road. Wheel alignment booked for Monday.
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Bit disappointed I couldn't do the prop shaft donut. Otherwise, I fitted all the parts I'd bought.

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So, what did I learn?

I'm planning on this being my daily drive so decided to replace quite a few bits & bobs.

Remember Northpole's advice, only replace what is broken.

If I was doing all this again, I would:
  • use a parts diagram when ordering, rather than drop down menu items on car parts web sites because there's so many variations
  • if you have the space to just leave the car on jack stands, pull out what you're going to replace and buy new parts from the part numbers imprinted on the old bits

- leave suspension till the very end; especially rears. Otherwise you're forever lifting front end up, compressing rear suspension while front is on jack stands

- put lock carrier in service position early when doing anything at front of engine (thermostat, crack pipe, secondary air pump)

- removing the gearbox takes a long time but is easy if you follow DIY, putting it back is difficult as the box is quite heavy. Couldn't have done it without a friend. I broke the bathroom scales when weighing it. Couldn't find a post where anyone mentions the weight of V6 gear box but I'd guess 45kg

- buy new gear box & engine mount bolts, saves calling in a guy to drill out a broken bolt

- do the entire wiring for reverse camera while head unit is not installed so you can test it

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Couldn't get into 1st gear. Other gears all good. No noise.

I followed procedure to realign the linkages:
a) pull springs back and turn anticlockwise to lock & push down + lock cradle
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b) lock gear stick in neutral between 1st and 2nd by using a 4mm Allen key
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But each time had problems with 1st or 2nd.

Turned out the Selector Shaft Gear Cable Shifter Cable End Catch 1J0711761B was cracked (left). So replaced this off the donor Bora (right). I have 1st to 6th and reverse!

Can get these end catches as a pair (...761B and ...761C) at Amazon- turns out these are OEM (see #13 below).
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