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hi just wondering if anyone can help....

basically yesterday when i put my key in the ignition and turned it the car made a loud grumbling noise which i knew straight away was the pump priming... but i havent ever heard it in the golf before? and ive owned it 6 months now. i drove to my friends house who is a mechanic and he said the fuel pump is on its way out...?

now i phoned the stealers today and was quoted £260 which is ridiculous. so i searched for a cheaper option on GSF and the only one they stock for the tdi is £175. but it lists 4 differnt types of engine and has *ONLY* written after, the list didnt include mine which is an ASZ.

I Was wondering why is just the 130pd not on that list? also does anyone know how i can find the part number for my pump?

thanks in advance!

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