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Pd100 to pd130 parts list please

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I have a pd100 and found somebody who's breaking a pd130
I've already got the injectors what else do I need ?
Sorry if it's been asked before but I need a specific list so I know what to defiantly get
Thank you
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Are you talking about a full conversion from a 100 to 130, or bits here and there?

There are a few threads already up, but in summary (if you're making a full conversion) then you would need:

PD130 Injectors (which you have)
PD130 turbo
PD130 MAF sensor
PD130 ECU (optional, but makes sense to change it)
PD130 pipe-work
PD130 intake manifold
PD130 cylinder head

I'm sure there's a couple of things missing, but essentially you need practically all the stuff, to the extent that you might as well do an engine transplant and gearbox change. Just buying bits here and there, in my opinion isn't really feasible. You can see from the above list I've provided that the costs will quickly add up to more than the price of a decent remap.

If I were you, I'd just be happy with the injectors, and just remap your car. The money which you spend buying the parts would be greatly negated by the money that you could've saved by going down the remap route. Even on a stock PD100 you can see gains of up to 130-135 bhp with a healthy remap, possibly more if you really wanted to push the lifeline of your car.

Again, there are plenty of threads, but the most common things people do (even for free sometimes!) is to be de-catted. Otherwise, for some money, installing a full exhaust system with de-cat and larger downpipe.

Bear also in mind that the PD130 comes with the six speed gearbox as standard compared to your 5-speed. Is that something you've considered as well? A change doesn't only mean the gearbox, but also the cables, flywheel and clutch! I also seem to recall that the driveshafts between the two engines are different. But, some state that the gearbox change isn't necessary and you could get away with the 5-speed box with a stronger clutch.

If you fancy having your work cut-out then by all means do the engine transplant at your own risk and pleasure, but for ultimate gains sell your car and get a PD150 and remap it! [:)] How does 200 bhp from a standard remap sound, all pretty much on stock engine parts? [:p]

Read this thread:
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I don't want to go to far with it just upgrade the nessasory most restrictive parts
My aim is around 180bhp
As above I've got the injectors ,
Inlet manifold ,
Can get
Intercooler and maf
Might still be the turbo going

So are the pipes to the intercooler different aswell ?
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