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PD 110/115 cat on a PD 130

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Hi guys,

Will a PD110/115 Cat and downpipe fit on a PD130? Reason being is that I had a decat on my car and the MOT is due next week, i still have the old cat but it was cut out and replaced with a section of pipe instead of using a decat pipe. My options are to replace the cat and downpipe with said PD110/115 (there is one online for cheaps), or to put the old cat back in temporarily if the position of the welds allows it and if it will pass MOT.

Any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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I'd just take it and see if it passes, most places wouldn't notice, or have the cat welded to the outside of your straight pipe if you get what I mean. Or people like darkside sell fake cats you can attach around the exhaust. It will pass without one on emmisions fine
Take it for the MOT and hope for the best, if it fails then stick a imitation cat cover over the pipe. Job done.
But it does kinda fit, only bit I'm unsure of is the centre join. Not sure if it's fatter there too or just the front end of the downpipe. Bolts up though.
I'll have to get the MOT somewhere else than where I work then haha. I work at a main dealer so it could be a problem if i got the MOT there. I'll try and get it through somewhere else I know and see what happens, worst comes to worst I'll have to fit a non gen one for a day or two to pass it.
New MOT law states there HAS to be a visible CAT or DPF
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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