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passat steering wheel onto golf?

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Is the passat three spoke steering wheel a direct fit onto the golf? they look exactly the same and was just wondering if i could fit one of these onto my car?
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If it's not the same fit, I'm sure it can be modded to fit. Pretty much everything can if you care enough about it.

Although, if it looks the same, why would you want one? There's probably tons of people on here / eBay who have standard Golf ones which not only look the same, but you know will definately fit.
cos i currently have the 4 spoke one and passat one seems to be alot cheaper?
Fair enough, although to be sure, I'd stick a "wanted" ad in the classified section to see if you get any joy.

I'm not 100% on whether it would fit properly. My (un)educated guess would be that it would fit on. I remember reading a thread on here somewhere about multi-function Passat steering wheels needing different looms etc, but if I remember correctly, nobody had a problem fitting it. Have a search, see if you can find anything useful. I'm sure someone with actual knowledge will answer this.
thanks for the advice mate, i will do a search see if anything come up
Bump Could do with knowing a definate answer on this asap

as far as i know, it should be straight swap. as i believe all vag 3 spokes from that period will fit...... dont quote me on that though
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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