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part number for clocks

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I've found a set of clocks with the part number 1jo 919 881 bx i think this is a petrol set but the picture with them is of a diesel set with half fis the guys Russian so trying to ask if the part number is right or the picture is right is hard going anyone any ideas ?
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Why do you need them with that part number?
I'm looking for a non can set 1jo 919 with the half or full fis display but they are as rare as rocking horse poop hence the Russian search
I speak Russian.if you give me this mate details,I can try to get more info from him.

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thanks here's the link to the clocks in question they show a diesel set but the part number appears to be from a petrol set. the KPH is not a problem as i would just change the foils to MPH but wanted to check they were a 1jo 919 xxx set with a working Half FIS display .
Maybe on some stage cluster body was replaced and number on it from different speedometer.

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I did contact with seller.he did a mistake in add.cluster is 920825a.I do have 919 speedometer with no fis,but all half fis functions is on a clock screen.I can give you for free if you interested. Speedometer in London.

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That's what we took out of his car to start with, just trying to get a full fis working properly but so far it's not happening. I did offer to buy his clocks though like a good friend :D
919 full fis are very rare.recently I sow a report about installing full fis 919 from a3 on mk4.I will try to find this report for you.

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cheers bony seatmans right that's the same set of clocks i have already thanks for the help
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