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While searching for information for the paint of my car, I found a list
of VW paint codes which should be useful to uk-mkivs surfers. I will try
to make a list from this, with pictures of cars showing the paint
code, paint name and a photograph. If you want a picture of your car
posted in the list to represent that colour then please submit it on this thread, making sure
it is of high resolution so the viewer gets a good idea for the colour
of their car.

LY3D - Tornado Red (MK 1- 5):
LY1C - Imola Yellow (US)
LW5Z -
Jazz Blue:
LR9A - Campanella White (US)
LP3G - Flash Red:
LG9R - Silver Arrow (US)
LG5V - Galactic Blue Pearl (US)
LD7X - Platinum Gray (US)
LD7W - Silverstone Grey (US):
LD5Q - Shadow Blue:
LD1W - Wheat Beige

LC9Z - Black Magic Pearl:

LC7V - Blue Anthracite:
LC6X - Oceanic Green Pearl:
LC6W - Rave Green Pearl
LC6M - Bright Green Pearl:
LC5X - Ink Blue
LC5M - Moonlight Blue (US)
LC5H - Atlantic Blue (US)
LC3X - Matchstick/Murano Red Pearl (US)
LC3K - Canyon Red:

LB9A - Candy White:

LB7Z - Satin Silver:

LB5R - Deep Blue Pearl:

LB5N - Indigo Blue Pearl:

LA7W - Reflex Silver:
LA6P - Cosmic Green

LA5M - Mercato Blue Metallic:

LA5G - Pearl Blue (US)

LA2Y - Tropic Orange:

LA1W - Desert
Beige {Mojave Beige in US):

LA1U - Futura Yellow:

L041 - UniBlack (US)

9018YF - Yellow

Non-MK4/5 Colours

R902 - Arctic White

LW5Y - Bright Blue Pearl

LR8V - Nocturne Aubergine

LR7Y - Silver Atmosphere

LR7T - Coucou Gray

LR7R - Cairo Gray

LR6Y - Waterworld Pearl

LR6X - Marais Green

LR5W - Luna Blue

LR5U - Antibes Blue

LR1W - Birken Pearl

LR1V - Bolero Beige

LK5S - Riviera Blue

LG7V - Desert Wind

LG6V - Green

LG5T - Dark Blue Pearl

LG5A - Vapor blue:

LG3L - Red

LD7V - Silver Gray

LD7U - Offroad Gray

LD6X - Reed Green

LD6W - Venetian Green

LD6S - Northern Green

LD2B - Snap Orange

LD1D - Double Yellow

LD1B - Yellow

LC9Y - Luxury Black Helio

LC7W - Papillon Silver Helio

LC5S - Apassionata Blue

LC5R - Marlin Blue

LC5F - Blue Graphite

LC35 - Tizian Red Pearl

LB6X - Alaska Green

LB6W - Pine Green

LC6P - Emerald Green

LB5X - Blue Spirit

LB5W - Pacific Blue

LB5S - Blue Silver

LB5Q - Speed Blue

LB5B - Aquarius Blue

LB4V - Samoa

LB3Y - Colorado Red Pearl

LB2A - Sundown Orange

LB1M - Harvest Moon Beige

LB1D - Mellow Yellow

LB1B - Sunflower Yellow

LA9B - Cool White (US)

LA7S - Stonehenge Gray

LA6W - Fresco Green

LA5W - Blue Lagoon (US)

LA3W - Red Spice


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Hello there - brand new to the forum so forgive me if I sound a bit stupid. I have recently bought a 2003 built 1.9 GT TDI Golf and the colour was listed by the dealer as 'Oceanic Green - Pearl' Am I right in thinking that 'LC6X - Baltic Green Pearl' is the colour code that I need to do touch-ups for stone chips ? I think the full code is LC6X/8Z.

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Yeah, that'll be right - just give VW the code from your sticker (LC6X) and they'll give you the paint.

I think the above list was taken from an American site selling paint, so isn't exactly right for the UK market names
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