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Paint code!

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Hi guys,

I'm in need of identifying my paint code, but the previous owner has lost the sticker in the spare wheel well :angry:

Is there anywhere else on the car where I can get my paint code?

If it helps I have a 2003 MK4 Golf in Black 1.4

Thanks for your help!
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May have a sticker in the handbook which is normally in the glovebox ????
Just had a look in the handbook, not there unfortunately :(

Going to have to give VW a ring tomorrow then

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Post a picture up of your car
Easy to tell then :)
LC9Z - Black Magic Pearl
L041- Black

One of those ??
If its metallic it's lc9z
If it's just black lo41
Thanks for the replies guys, I phoned up VW and they said its Diamond Black, i.e paint code LC9Z

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