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Had to change a snapped timing belt on my golf tdi (90) a week ago. Ended up needing the head off, new valves and lifters etc. so did the water pump too while i was at it.

While the head was off, checked the oil, just to see if it was at the right level, and it looked fine.

Then got it all back together, run up nicely, been using it all week fine..... BUT, there was a constant water leak, with no signs of a leak..!! (no puddles or dripping)

Gave it a good check over on saturday and all the water is ending up in the engine somehow, mixing with the oil..!!

i would usually put this straight down to head gasket, but it's just had a new one, with the head skimmed.

So the other options were:

- oil cooler, bypassed the water pipes today to see if that helps.

- Water pump, i was sure this wouldn't be the problem, but checked today and all fine

- Cracked head........ [cry] let's hope not

- wrong head gasket?????? but the place who supplied it said only one type was listed for my agr engine....

Any other ideas..??

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As above. VW dont recommend you skim the pd heads but if you do there are 3 different thickness head gaskets.

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