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Thought it was ricard at first, then realised it was.... prize for the first person to (easily) identify the track [:D]

The way it reels in those cars.. and the noise when he plants it [:O][:D] OMFG.. awesome engine wise.. not too sure on it looks wise though, but respect for spending what must be a lot of ???? [:D]

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Quote: posted by sutherlandm on 15/04/2005 10:58:29

Very quick on the straights but it's not the same story on the bends.

That Scooby pulls way ahead on those S bends!

Impressive though!

With respect.........

that scooby is a rally-bred 4wd car with probably 400bhp+

The golf is 500bhp+ thru 2wd?

It does REMARKABLY well.......and it goes like a banshee!

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Quote: posted by Foxy on 18/04/2005 14:19:59

Try here mark


I think their server is down......can't link from their either..

I have the vid downloaded (51Mb) - can host later if you want to see it.......oh.....and you WANT to see it, trust me !

If you could fella [:)]

p.s. nice location.
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