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Nosaj thought about this?

All the credit goes to him. [Y]

Basicaly, we've noticed that most people have a 2nd mode of transport.

Just a social & a bit of a laugh really. [:D]

Anyone fancy this idea?

No dates or venues yet?

Just seeing if there is any interest?

Edited 10th Oct 2005

Right there seems to be ample interest so far.

We're gonna do this on the 16th of october 2005 @ Hainault forest.

I'll get a map and postcode soon for people.

Here is the info for the initial meeting place.

Maypole Pub Car Park, 171 Lambourne Road, Chigwell Row, IG7 6DD @ 11am.

From there we can make our way down to Hainault Forest, I couldn't get the details for the venue itself, so this is only 1 min up the road.

Please let me know so I have some idea of numbers?

Please could you PM me so I can put your name down.

Cheers people.

1- Nosaj

2- Rs Golf

3- Bora Tom

4- J40hn w

5- K6ty w

6- Gareth_1.8t

7- Tylerama

8- Red Gixer

9- C KB

10- Marc_Dub

11- Green Beast

12- Brassic_lint

12- Zekegti -

14- Me

I hope I haven't missed anyone? [:$]

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Basicaly, we've noticed that most people have a 2nd mode of transport.
My 2nd mode of transport is South Eastern Trains.....Sorry but they won't let me borrow one for this meet...LOL...LOL..[:D]

I guess I could use the "Mrs's" Clio 1.4 Auto, but I guess it needs to be a location close to me as it's not a motorway car... you have to wish it up hills....... and overtaking is just a big fat "NO"....LOL

She'll punch me for saying this.............

at least it saves my car from going supermarket shopping...LOL

Or I could look at it like this... I use trains everyday for work and the car sits in the garage, therefore the train is my first mode of Transport and the Golf is my second....

so that means I can bring my Golf....[:p]

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Proper good idea. However, am not too chuffed at the prospect of turning up the missus' 1.0 Nissan Micra!!!

Could always challenge Kev to a race in the clio tho! - [;)]
Rather a Micra than a 1.3 Ka !.. or maybe not hehe. Can we make it near a train station please ? I can ride the bike from the station then ! [:)]

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ROFL, I'm with Kev, no car and it's off to SE Trains.

I'd have to borrow the old dear's car. I've not got an issue with what it is (Polo 1.4S Auto) - I do have a problem with the colour, you'd have to threaten me quite bad for me to turn up in it!

Bright f****** green [:cool:] (Don't ask - I'm just glad as hell it's second hand and she didn't choose it first off!)

It's doable though, definitely be a riot, going from the mean machines of the forum to... the dreaded 1 litres *rofl* [:D]

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lol il be there but im not sure which second or third car to come in lol

will make it local dan , so people dont have to travel far

, how about if the second car is a golf ya have to have the rear end facing towards us lol

hey dan , to be honest i thought most people would be up for this as most familys have at least a second car
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