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optical cable or hdmi??

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hey guys,

can anyone tell me what is better for gaming(xbox 360) a hdmi cable or using and optical cable

i just got myself some turtle beach headphones so they will need to work with them as well


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hdmi should be fine, depends more on what tv you are using
Presumably this is just for sound as the optical wont carry video as far as I'm aware.

I have picture via HDMI and sound via optical on my set-up, but I should imagine the HDMI would probably work just as well.
hdmi is best because of digital sound and will suport the hd sound if u get the right one and amp

as for the headset i dont see why u need to ask abot cables as this is set up wirelessly or usb
HDMI will do absolutely fine but the Optical is meant to be the best sound quality but only worth it if you have a full surround sound system.
Optical and HDMI will produce identical results as they are both digital signals, no point in connecting 2 cables so just use the HDMI.
I cant figure out how to use HDMI for picture and Optical for my surround sound on my 360 so im stuck using the component lead and optical plug. How did you guys enable HDMI for picture only?
I'm pretty sure the optical output on the xbox is for sound to an amp only. does your amp have optical input?
I believe you have to do some modifying of cables in order to get it working as the optical will only work with the component.
Thanks for the vid Washer.

Ill give this a go later on. Be nice to use both. Especially as ive just bought a new TV :)
Depends on what you are connecting to, if an amp that supports hdmi input then use hdmi as that will give you hd digital sound along with video as long ad you connect the amp to the tv via hdmi too, optical cable will give you just regular digital sound and should be used with an amp without hdmi input.
I'm guessing your new headphones connect via optical. If you dont want to crack open your lead I think there is an adaptor
I believe you have to do some modifying of cables in order to get it working as the optical will only work with the component.
nope, just plug it in.

my old amp had hdmi but didn't support audio via hdmi so i plugged the hdmi into the xbox for video then plugged in the component lead for the optical output which i plugged into the amp aswell for audio, no modified leads needed.

i now have a new amp that suppports audio over hdmi so now my xbox, PS3 and skyHD all use just an hdmi into the amp and then there is one hdmi from the amp to the TV for a much simpler setup, whats nice is the amp also upscales all signals to 1080p even analogue so the iPod dock that connects with component also goes through the hdmi.

the amp i have an onkyo tx-sr578 and the one before was a tx-sr506 and they are highly recommend as home cinema amps, expecially for the money.
Yea I got a txsr308, its dope.

You can't plug component and HDMI in at the same time, Microsoft deliberately made the component plug bigger (unnecessarily), hence the modified end which you can see from the video.
well whatever we used was official and not modified, can't remember now exactly what plug it was tbh.
You don't get proper surround from sky through HDMI though, so your best to use you optical cable for that, then you'll get full surround.

I have the Onkyo TXSR705. Banging amp. Also got a Dennon amp upstairs thats also sweet as. Gotta love these surround amps.

Up-scaling to 1080p doesn't really mean anything though. All that's doing is stretching the native picture to fit a 1080p screen. So, depending on the TV your using, you may be best using the screen to do it.

e.g. The upscaling on a £1000 TV will be better than the upscaling on a £1000 amp, because thats what the TV is supposed to do. Its what its made for. The amps isn't made for this purpose primarily, so it will be worse. It is, afterall, there primarily for the sound.

This obviously depends on your tv though. If your running a Teknica or something, may as well let the amp do the upscaling, but if its a halfway decent tv, (Pioneer, Panasonic, Sony etc...) it'll have the better upscaler anyway. In which case, you want to set the amp to pass through the picture at its native resolution, and let the TV do the upscaling.
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you sure about the surround from sky? i'm sure i get DD surround over hdmi out of mine, i'll have to look into this now!
just looked and i must have been through this as it turns out i do actually have an optical between my sky and amp!
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