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One For The R32 Owners Out There

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Have a look at THIS little mod it works out at £175, but without seeing a fitted pic I can't decide if it would be too much silver, or not enough with the black stereo.
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Like you say too much silver I think, £175 is a fair bit of dosh too [C]
Can't be any worse than the R32 Manual A/C panel, like this, surely? I think £175 is a bit steep. The full conversion from manual A/C to climatronics only costs around £250.
It is a fair bit of money, but a bit different and they're probably the only people that do it. I have just sanded some net optics down to replace the wonderfull wood you get in the sport and was wondering if it would be too much. It would be better if they had a fitted pic so you could see if it really is a perfect colour match also, and not just a crappy silver plastic effect.
Thats a very interesting find.

This looks like the climatronic off a 2010 Passat New Lingyu from China.

As far as I am aware the illumination on these is white light (not blue) and the wiring would be similar to the later Passat 3BG facelifts with a lot of CANBUS connections for the functions.

No one has ever been able to confirm to me 100% that these later units would fit in an older mk IV.

Maybe someone can confirm whether any climatronic will work in any car once you softcode it to the car?

There is a matching RCD300 radio that goes with it in silver finish. Also a touchscreen sat nav.

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Literally hundreds of pics here to give you an idea what it looks like:

You can see the illumination is white as well (its even noted in ETKA as such)
The one in the link of mine states blue illumination? They might have just changed the face plate and buttons for the one above, in which case it my be possible to get them parts instead of the whole thing.
Thats what I mean - I would be double checking with the vendor that it does have the proper blue screen illumination and also that it will actually work in our older cars.

Like you say could technically just swap the faceplate to get the look.
I might have a scan through ebay china to see if you can buy the face plate and buttons in silver, as it would be much cheaper.
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