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Oil Filler cap assembly loose (BCB 1.6 16v) After removing engine cover / airbox

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Anyone happen to know if you need the engine cover to hold the oil filler cap socket in place? after taking it off mine is just flapping around, giving the engine a bit of a rough idle and a hissy noise where pressure is escaping. Is this normal, or do i need a new oil filler cap assembly. Will get a video up if people aren't clear on what im talking about.

Cheers, Craig
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Anyone care to help me on this one? Cheers
same issue seem to get a lot of oil round the area.
wasnt sure , replaced the o ring, still the same, mine goes into the rocker cover so not if its the rocker cover or the filler neck etc

Sorry its a bit late but if your still looking for an answer.

I came across this problem with my Golf when I came to service it as I had to remove the spout to change the plugs, noticed some oil leakage around the base of the spout and also that it rocked a reasonable amount.

I'm assuming your car has the same engine cover arrangement as mine (the huge square block type that covers the whole engine with the air filter inside it) you can tighten it up by bending the two prongs underneath carefully (can actually just use your thumbs), a word of warning though when removing the spout from the cam cover try not to push downward too hard whilst twisting as you can break off the two small pieces of plastic which bridge the gap over each of the two prongs.(you'll see what I mean when you get it off).

Good Luck

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If you're not planning on putting the cover back on then just lose the neck. It has the same fitting as the filler cap so you can screw the cap straight into the top of the box. All the neck does is line up the cap with the cover.
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