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Oil blowing out dipstick

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Hi all,

Haven't used the golf (1.4 16v) since Friday, and used it today to get to work. About 15 mins into the journey the oil pressure light starts flashing so I pull over and turn the engine off. Lifted the bonnet and oil has pushed its way out of the dipstick - although the dipstick was still clipped home. Loads of oil all down the back of the block and in the plastic try underneath. Dipped the oil and its near empty (though still clean), I reckon oil had been steadily escaping the whole time till it was empty enough to turn the light on. Called the AA, they topped the oil back up and now its fine..?

I'm wondering if the extreme cold has caused a temporary blockage somehow in the breather system? Pulled the breather pipe from the top of the airbox when engine running and you can see its breathing fine now. Has anyone else ever had this or know what the likely cause might be? I know these engines are notorious for heavy breathing which often causes the throttle body to coke up and stall, dumps oil into the air filter etc. I serviced it about 3-4 months ago with new oil and filter, also took the throttle body off and cleaned it with cleaner and re-assembled. Been running sweet as, and was running perfect when the light came on.

Not sure whether it was a one-off or whther I need to start replacing things? The breather block on the back of the block for example..?

Thanks in advance.

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Check the pipe that goes into the top left of the airbox.

Sounds like a breather is blocked somewhere along the line.
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