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I've had my Bora for two months now and was suprised but definately not
tickled to see my oil warning light come with the message "STOP DRIVING
NOW - CHECK ENGINE". I turned off the ignition and coasted to a
suitable spot. Waited until it cooled for a few minutes and checked the
oil - it would not even register on the dip stick. I called the AA.
They checked for leaks and could not find any. They towed me to a
garage and 3 litres of Mobil 1 later I was back on the road. The car
has done 53,500 miles - I have done 3,500 of them.

I bought this from a VW dealer. The car is 5 years old. It was serviced
and MOT'd when I bought it. So my question (and I think I know the
answer) - do I stand a chance of getting the dealer to fix this?
Or am I going to get the "1 litre per 1000 miles is acceptable oil
loss"? Regardless I don't accept 1 litre per 1000miles as acceptable
oil loss. The only time I have had oil loss in a car is when the engine
block on my Honda Prelude cracked and was mixing with the coolant. No
oil in the water here - and no oil patches on the driveway either. It
must be burning but alas no blue smoke either.

VW Bora 2.0 SE Petrol

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Go in and give them hell!! There is no way that your car will
have used up that amount of oil!!! My car's used up about
1/2litre of oil in the last 4000miles - coz of a leak, but the 18000
before that - I didn't lose any!! (not enough to register anyway!) And
my car's a diesel.

If you talk loud enough, questioning their service, when there's a lot
of potential customers about, you might get somewhere. That is,
after you've tried the diplomatic & polite method!

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first things first, check the screws on the rocker cover are not loose, my car was going threw oil like it was going out of fashion, couldnt find where it was going, keeped getting that alert message on my screen saying STOP check oil, low oil pressure!!

Found out the rocker cover was loose.. it went for a service at a garage few months before and they did that??? c*nts!!

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If your engine is a 2.0 petrol i think some of these engines had poor quality oil scraper piston rings fitted and this results in the engine burning off more oil over a shorter time/mileage without too much noticable smoke from the exhaust.This also can cause oxygen sensor contamination and engine running problems.If weeloon is watching he`s the man to contact as he`s seen and commented on this problem in the past and can probably be more specific on engine codes affected.


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I had 2.0 SE Golf estate which did exactly the same thing. Just after
buying it I got the warning message to check for oil and sure enough it
didn't register on the dipstick at all.

Got through oil like nobody's business, about 1 litre every 1000 miles. I was using Magnatec 15W 40.

Happily own a TDI now, which hardly uses any [:)]

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Guys with 2.0 engines!!! did you not read my earlier post?

Use semi-synthetic or mineral oil instead of fully synthetic, it holds in the engine much longer and thus lasts longer.

Its a smiple sollution and cost effective! thats what I do and I have no oil issues on Halfords semi-synthetic oil.
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