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Quote: posted by MarkReading on 25/02/2005 21:52:00

Quote: posted by Royster on 25/02/2005 18:29:38

Press the FM buttom on your radio to shut up the announcements!

Roy - Hope this works on my SatNav unit too as it's driving me nuts too.....[;)] If not HELP[:I]

Sorry to hijack the topic too..[:I]

Its even better with Sat Nav Mark, you have the option of simply recording the annoucements and listening to them as you feel appropriate i.e. the TIM button (top left hand corner) or if you have TMC then you can simply set the Sat Nav to Dynamisation and have your route altered accordingly without ever having to listen to the announcements to mention but a few options[;)]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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