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OEM uprated brake discs and pads mk4 golf ti 1.8t

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Struggling to decide on which uprated brake discs and pads to get for a mk4 golf gti 1.8t in 288mm size anyone recommend a set up.
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Anyone recommend pads and discs
I'd get some 312mm carriers from a mk1 octy vrs/tt 225/golf v6 4mo/V5 170 etc and get some decent normal discs, then perhaps some ferrodo pads.

The rear vented 256mm from the same cars above also helps reduce brake fade.

Otherwise if your sticking to std size then just some pagid/brembo etc discs and the ferrodo uprated pads will do the trick.

I just use pagid all round on a 312/256 combo and its more than good enough tbh.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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