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I'm new to the forum and to the golf. but I wanted to review OEM Replacements who i recently used to get cruise control fitted to my Golf MK5.

I had looked about for some one to fit it and could onyl really find two places advertising.

Hazzy Dayz - - who have a good reputation but are based in Hertfordshire (I live in scotland and my Dad lives in Bradford)

Then i found OEM Retrofits - - I was bit apprehensive at first as there wasn't a landline number or an address. But I took the car to them and they did a fantastic job. They fitted cruise control, took away the seatbelt chime and added the automatic door locking. They also had a special deal on whereby it was only £99. If they are doing any work that requires coding they will do any coding for free. They do also go down to london area once a month or will come to you for a fee.

Anyway just thought i would drop this on a few forums to let people know about them and that they do a sterling job.
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