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OEM Bora Xenons- Both LHD and RHD?

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Right then, just had someone tell me that the Self-Levelling system on a set of post-2002.5 Bora OEM Xenons means that they can be used on both LHD and RHD cars. I'm a bit suspicious of this because I have always thought that Projectors/xenons still had a designated driving side.

Can someone shed some light on this? (Sorry, couldn't resist).

Also, if they do have a designated driving side like reflector lights, is there a way of telling at a glance whether it is LHD or RHD? And has anyone got a picture of a set of post-2002.5 OEM xenons so I know what to look for to tell if "everything is there"?

Thanks in Advance.
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Levelling is not the same as handedness. You will need rhd.

Virtually impossible to tell just by looking at them
Well thats what I thought [about the levelling].

Pity I can't tell which it is just by looking- one does have a green circular sticker on it, could that be an indicator marking?
I doubt that would indicate which hand drive it was.

These are supposed to be a rare as fook, if you didnt already know
I did know, hence why I'm trying to work out if its worth handing over some pound notes. I don't wanna get all excited but end up buying something I can't use.
If they are ebay ask the seller for part numbers. They should still be on them, even if they are quite old.
On normal lights the right hand drives have the E marked lens and then an arrow pointing to the curb i.e the sideof the road you drive on.

So "Left Hand Traffic" i.e. RHD would have

"E1 ->"

There should be a similar sticker or casting on the Xenon housing

If they are proper RHD Xenons the part number should be similar to 1J2 xxx xxx or 1J6 xxx xxx (even third digit)

LHD would be 1J1 xxx xxx or 1J5 xxx xxx something.

There is a mechanism in the Xenons to temporarily dip the beam when you travel overseas but it doesnt completely reverse the cutoff - it just makes the beam pattern flat , so it goes from:

-\_ to ---

You wont be able to get the correct RHD dip pattern with LHD Xenons - only the flat pattern.
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Thanks for that Graeme, though I have found something that needs checking- a another source (not the guy with the lights) has stated that RHD lights have an "-N" suffix on the Part no., whereas LHD have an "-M" suffix, with a "B" or "A" in the place of the hyphen in the suffix indicating age.

The lights on offer have an "AM" suffix, which are pre-2002.5 lights I think- though the guy says they came off a 2004 Bora... Retrofitted maybe?


Balls- just re-read the other thread, I got my M's and N's the wrong way round (corrected above)... The lights in question are LHD and pre-2002.5... Suffice to say, I'm not interested anymore.
where are people gettin these from? i cant seem to find oem xenons!

You have to be in the right place at the right time mate... Best bet is to trawl Ebay and your local scrappies/breakers...
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